A Tiny Bit Loco


9 Responses to “A Tiny Bit Loco”

  1. That was a wild one. He either ate a hot pepper or forgot where he buried the bone.

  2. Funny!

  3. He was a wild one. I would have loved to have him around here with my wild ones.

    It was funny, wasn’t he Connie? I loved it when he went berserk.

  4. Reminds me of my Little Dog! She did the same crazy running and digging as the Chihuahua in the video, maybe it’s a relic from their days as rodent hunters.

  5. Really? That is way too funny. What was your little dog? Was she part Chihuahua? I love how this little dog keeps looking over at the camera. THis little dog is definitely a ham and hamming it up for whoever is running the camera.

  6. My Little Dog was a Mutthuahua, she was tan/brown like the little dog in the video, she had a Chihuahua face, but her body was huskier. I’m not sure what mix she was because if you saw her parents neither one looked anything like Chihuahuas.

  7. Maybe Chihuahua was her recessive gene and it came out in her. She sounds like she was full on Chi. I do so love the Chihuahua. My small dog is 1/2 and 1/2 Dachshund. She is a funny gal. HA – I like that Mutthuahua.

  8. My brother-in-law always jokes about breeding chihuahua/poodle mixes, the only thing stopping him is he’s perplexed as to whether he should call them Chipoopoos or Poohuahuas.

  9. LOL! According to the internet name, they’re already a designer breed and their official name is Wapoo, but some people like to call them chipoo. I like your names better. http://www.chipoo.org

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