4 Responses to “Bushy”

  1. When I think of animals I think, “And then I said this and the dog said that and I said that, whereas the dog replied this. Then the chihuahua bit me on the nose to emphasize its point.” In my mind, animals talk whether they do in reality or not.

    Bushy is so into the nut. That is exactly what he said, with his mouth full and the music playing softly in the background. I laugh every time I play this YouTube.

  2. My dogs talk to me. Just looking into their eyes and I can almost hear them.
    I liked the squirrel…here in Florida the squirrels are pitiful little creatures with very short hair and very short tails….I want to feed them lots of food and give them all hair extensions!

  3. Mucho gracias.

  4. I had to laugh at your description of the Florida squirrels. I vaguely remember seeing them as a kid when we visited Florida. I always wondered what was wrong with them. They do need some serious hair extensions.

    De nada, Steve.

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