AIG and Goat Ice Cream

I’m mad, really mad. Who are we? AIG’s bitch? And the newscasters are standing right next to those pimps sharing their cigarettes when they say, “We have to give them their bonuses or they’re gonna sue us.” WHAT? I wasn’t for the bail out and I’m not for paying the bonuses. Come on Obama. Stop all the slick talk, get off your pony and bitch slap these bad boys. No more money. They’ve wrecked Big Daddy’s car and not only did we go out and buy them another one but we are upgrading it to a red Corvette.

One more thing while I’m at it, Obama. Please get some hand held equipment and bad lighting for your YouTubes. It’s best also to shoot them in your bedroom with pajamas and a cat litter box in the background. Have Michelle hollar at you a couple of times mid shoot. Let your cell phone ring. This is YouTube, not the Whitehouse.

Ice Cream. If ice cream were crack, I would be on the most wanted list. I found some new ice cream – goat. And then I noticed a gradual trend with me. I was turning to goat. Goat yogurt. Goat milk. I’m in love with the goat.

As I stuffed a big mouthful of goat ice cream in my mouth I asked Hubby, “Isn’t this the best?”

Hubby dipped his head. “I think it tastes musky.”

“Like a goat?” I asked.


Hubby likes the regular ice cream. Me? I have two small containers of the goat in the freezer. As he lay in bed last night, reading, I picked up his container of ice cream and walked into the bedroom to watch him read…and possibly shred a pillowcase (See entry below).

“Hey, you’re eating my ice cream,” he yelled.

“I didn’t know we had his and hers,” I said, lying.

“Yours is the goat,” he said. His book was perched on his stomach. He had stopped reading. He watched me as I scraped a fork across the top of his ice cream. I looked at his pillowcase. It was still in tact.

“I was tasting. Do you want a taste?” I asked.


“It’s really yummy,” I said. He sighed. I walked back into the kitchen and put his ice cream back in the freezer. I took out my goat and ate some with a fork. Ice cream tastes so much better with a fork.


7 Responses to “AIG and Goat Ice Cream”

  1. I like goat cheese. Fetta. Never had goat milk or ice cream.

  2. I forgot about the goat cheese. I love the goat cheese too. I am the goat.

  3. I sent my comment via email. I like goats, but Hubbs said I couldn’t have one, but one day at Michael’s (the craft store) I saw a plastic/rubber goat clone and I bought it, I now have a goat. As for goat milk, I’ve never tried it.

  4. Oh I forgot AIG! I watched Leno last night he was talking about AIG, he said that 30 million of the taxpayer bailout money went to a German bank, and most of the million dollar bonuses were going to England, how’s that gonna stimulate our economy? We is takin’ in the keister AGAIN!

  5. LOL! All hail the rubber goat.

    That makes me so freakin’ mad that we have sent millions of dollars to German and English banks. What the hell? Like you said – up the keister again.

  6. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    Is it racist for me to want Michelle to be yelling at Barack (in Ebonics) to get yo ass out o’ the chair and [insert household chore here]? I can’t help but think she’s the alpha dog in that household. I’d just love to see her demonstrate it in public.

  7. LOL! I don’t know. Michelle might be alpha. I would love to be a fly on the wall for a few days in that household.

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