Joseph at His Most Earnest



4 Responses to “Joseph at His Most Earnest”

  1. I remember that same look on my Missy’s face, it said “Mom, bug! Bug on the floor! Get up! Get up and get the bug, NOW!

  2. Sweet sweet kitty. I miss having a kitty around but with two large pups running the show around here I’m afraid to bring one in. Is this your kitty?

  3. worldphotos Says:

    A great expression on the face.

  4. Missy the bug catcher. I need a cat for that over here. We’ve had the door open the last two days because it’s been so hot and the “scary flies” have come in. THe Little Dog is terrified.

    No, Connie. THis is one of my good friend’s cats. She has two, a black one and this new guy. The black one is like a Sphinx and this guy is Earnest Joseph, the new kid.

    I love it too WorldPhotos. It almost looks like they took the photo with a fisheye lens

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