Baby Dog vs Old Dog


5 Responses to “Baby Dog vs Old Dog”

  1. Old Dog sure is doing his best to ignore the young one. Got to give him credit.

  2. Old Dog is doing his best. The little one is stretching the skin under his face. Looks painful with those little puppy teeth.

  3. Simply adorable!!! Brought a smile to my face. I needed a smile …. thanks!

  4. I’ve watched the video several times, and I must say Senior Citizen dog has a lot of patience and a great temperament. I hope he/she gets a break from the puppy, I know I’m only good for about two hours in a room full of spry, screaming, running kids.

  5. You’re welcome, Connie. I know how much you love the doggies. I think this is such a great video.

    Dylan, the old dog, is a great dog, but he is not the only nursemaid in the house. There are other older dogs for the little one to go after. The baby dog plays real hard for a while and then flops over sound asleep. Such a baby.

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