A Visitor

visitorThis guy showed up at the bird feeder this morning. Actually, when I first noticed him he was sitting on top of the fence post, staring back at me as I looked out the kitchen window. He walked head first down the fence post and then ate the dropped seed from the bird feeder. I haven’t seen the little bugger all winter and now he shows up. I wonder what’s up with him. Yesterday was gorgeous, 82 degrees and sunny. Today, the temp is stuck at 52 with a side of drizzle. When the drizzle turned to real rain, he took off. Also, there wasn’t much seed on the ground for him. I had swept it up on Sunday. The birds flick it out of the feeder into piles and the finches eat it from the ground, but when everyone seems to be done, I sweep.

6 Responses to “A Visitor”

  1. Great photo. Nice to see you doing your fair share to help the little critters. He must have hear that you are a squirrel fan.

  2. I am a big squirrel fan, as you know. I was really happy to see him this morning. He is back just now, eating some more. There has been a let up in the rain. A purple finch is sitting on the crook of the feeder watching him and then glancing at me. I know the birds can see me when I stand at the big window. The finch looks like she is saying, “Are you okay with this?” She keeps tilting her head, looking at me and then him and then back again. The squirel is sorting through hulls at the base of the feeder. I guess he is looking for sunflower seeds. I’m not sure.

  3. Oh, I love it. You will have to start a squirrel blog. Perhaps call it, “Nuts in Oakland”. People might get confused with that and think you’re talkiing about something or someone else.

  4. Another real squirrel! This one is so beautiful. I may print off the pic and put it up outside so these Florida squirrels can see what they could look like!

  5. Your squirrel looks like the squirrels I see in Phoenix, well actually at the Phoenix Zoo, is your squirrel a ground squirrel? I think all the squirrels at the Zoo are ground squirrels they aren’t in cages they live around the exhibits, I always see them in the prairie dog exhibit or at the kid’s pavilion, where they serve kids their snacks. The squirrels at the zoo come out when they see everybody boarding the Zoo train, I guess they know everyone on the Zoo train has kettle corn or some other snack that they will share with the squirrels. Your squirrel looks fat and sassy, maybe he visits other bird feeders in your neighborhood.

  6. LOL! If I called the blog “Nuts in Oakland,” everyone would think I was talking about me.

    That made me laugh, Connie. I have no idea why those Florida squirrels are so scrawny.

    I don’t know what kind of squirrel his is, AZ. I think that is hilarious the squirrels at the Phoenix Zoo come out and see everyone on the zoo train. I love that zoo. When I lived there, I visited all the time. Last time I went back, I went in that monkey exhibit. It was fabulous. My squirrel is fat and sassy because he raid all the fruit trees and gardens around the area. I do see him in the winter going and coming on the big redwood tree behind my house. There is an apple tree next to that and an apricot. Then in the summer he drops into our garden and eats tomatoes, of all things.

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