bailoutKFC sent this to my house last week. I think they should fire their advertising department. Why would a chicken joint associate itself with anything so heinous as the bailout? Why? I say “why” and with a Southern accent so it sounds worse. Why not call them AIG wings, where our money flies or fries away.

I just tided up the house by drinking all the opened half empty bottles of water. That would be 6. They were in pairs around the place like shoplifting detectors.

My neighbor came over at 1:30 to ask the name of our painter. I was still in my pajamas. There is no logical explanation you can offer people at that time of day for still being clad in sleepwear. I told her I was writing. Does that preclude showering?


2 Responses to “KFC”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    They’ll do anything to jack up sales.

  2. Apparently. But what an ill thought out ad campaign.

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