more_bailoutAZ emailed me this image. It was a doorknob flyer on her door at her house. WTF? This is not good advertising. The bailout cost us and cost us BIG. It is associated with ineptly run companies that are still passing out huge bonuses to goofballs ripping off the American people. It is DISTASTEFUL, not tasteful. NOT yummy. Dominos and KFC, stop with the word “bailout.” Just say “no” to “bailout.” People are more likely to buy if you use the words “grunt” or “hairball.”


2 Responses to “More…”

  1. These folks will stop at nothing to make a few extra bucks. Dumb Shits, by my way of thinking.

  2. They are the ultimate dumb shits. If you click on the hyperlink, in the entry it will take you to a news story where they forgot to deactivate a defunct “bailout” pizza campaign and ended up having to give away hundreds of pizzas, unintentionally.

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