Coasters for Kids

The neighbor kids were riding their bikes in front of my house as I was cleaning up a bit. I put an ice chest and a set of coasters on the curb with a “Free” sign on them. Both the kids came over to inspect.

“What’s this?” the oldest one, Zak, asked.

“It’s an ice chest,” I said.

“We need it,” the younger kid, Shamus, declared.

“No you don’t,” I said. “I already asked your Dad.”

They went onto the next item, some wooden coasters from India.

“What are these?” Zak asked.

“Coasters,” I said.

“What’s coasters?” he asked.

The younger kid piped up, “Oh, you put them under your drink. Yeah, we need them.”

“Well, they’re free. Ask your Dad if you can have them,” I said. At this point, they both ran off to their house, but I’ve learned from experience that doesn’t mean they asked anybody anything.

I had to yell after Zak, “Don’t leave your bike here by this free sign or someone will take it.” He ran back, got his bike, and a few minutes later came back for the coasters.

Their Dad has been sick for a couple of weeks with some bronchial disorder caused by allergies. I picked him a sack full of lemons from my tree and walked them down to his house.

“Awesome,” he said, when I handed him the bag.

As I was leaving, I saw the coasters in their little wooden box on the concrete border that surrounds their yard. I lifted them in the air. “Should I take these back with me?”

“No, leave them.” he said. “Zak likes them.”


2 Responses to “Coasters for Kids”

  1. Kids will be kids.

  2. Amen to that. I haven’t seen the coasters since. Their mother probably tossed them in the garbage.

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