High on Biking

bikerThis dude was over on San Pablo in the rain. How do you get on this bike? How do you get off? What’s the point? He’s dressed like a somewhat serious cyclist, but all I could think was Ringling Brothers and please make the light turn red so he has to stop.


6 Responses to “High on Biking”

  1. I bet when he stops, he can balance without putting a foot down. If not, it would be one big pain in the ass to operate.

  2. You have to be right. He’s probably like those wigglers I see all the time, who can’t take their feet out of their pedal clips.

  3. I guess in a world filled with SUV’s it good to have a tall bicycle, but I can’t imagine how he gets on unless he uses a platform or a vehicle bumper.

  4. I guess it’s good to be tall on San Pablo, but why the itty bitty front tire. All I can think is he invented an ass launcher to catapult his bum to his bike seat.

  5. Well I’m not sure what to say except that is one strange bike. I wonder if he pieced it together using reject parts…you know a green bike! I would never be able to ride that thang!!

  6. Connie, I like your explanation the best – a green bike he pieced together from reject parts. And then he built the bum launcher on the side. At least if he gets hit, he’ll sail straight over the car instead of into it.

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