I opened a Twitter account. The next thing I knew I got an email saying someone I vaguely knew from the blogosphere was following me. That sounded like cyberstalking to me. I deleted the account and pretended like nothing ever happened. Later, much later, I read about Twitter and tweets and following people, all normal functions of Tweet-dom. One of my friends asked me to open a twitter account, so I tried to reopen the old one, but they said I had deleted it, and it would take a while. Be patient. That was months ago. I tried to log in recently, and I got some a message like, “You be a fool.” Okay. I pretended like that didn’t happen. Today, I get a message saying someone is following me. How can they follow me when I can’t follow myself? I can’t log in. Sounds like more cyberstalking to me.


4 Responses to “Twitter”

  1. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    I still don’t get twitter. I haven’t tweeted in well over a month, yet new people find me and follow me. How the hell does that happen? People follow me, and I don’t even bother to tweet? If I had written some brilliant tweet that other twitterers passed from twit to twit, maybe then it would make sense, but all I ever did was hawk my blog.

  2. worldphotos Says:

    I guess you have to like being in contact with folks. Me, I just can’t take the activity it takes.

  3. I’ve looked at the twitter site, I’ve contemplated tweeting, but I’m not one to chat on the phone and twitter seems just like chatting on the phone only you have to use your fingers. Why bother?

  4. I finally got on last night, Galli and the one guy that was trying to follow me was advertising some band, so I blocked him. Another week of this and I will probably delete the account again. In a few months, I’ll forget and ask Twitter to restore. And so the cycle goes.

    I know what you mean WorldPhotos. It seems like yammering to me, or as my Mom used to say, ” You’re just talking to hear yourself talk.” And 140 characters. What can you say? Or want to say?

    I like to chat to certain people but just to shout things out in the cyber space seems ridiculous. I’d be better off yelling at my neighbors from my front porch. At least, they know me.

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