Tweet the Sea

I finally got logged onto Twitter and now, in my efforts to understand Tweeting, I have downloaded and installed Tweet Deck. That’s right, Tweet Deck, like a ship’s (lost at sea) deck, and I’m the captain guiding it into the Bermuda Triangle. The Tweet Deck immediately told me I had 1 friend. Who could that be – really? I blocked the one “follower” I had yesterday, essentially turning him off, death in Tweetersville. So, I think it’s me. I’m my only friend. Note to self: Twitter is more obtuse than I originally thought.

We went to the new Italian place in the neighborhood. It was good, really good. It’s down the street from a bar called The Seven Seas (of hell). You don’t have to follow the hyperlink if you don’t want to. I’ll summarize The Seven Seas: gunfights, assaults, purchase of stolen liquor, methamphetamines, marijuana, booze sales to minors, and after their liquor license was revoked: arson. It’s like those word problems on the SAT. The Seven Seas is to drunken brawls as church is to worshipers, written as:
The Seven Seas : drunken brawls :: church : worshipers


2 Responses to “Tweet the Sea”

  1. Keep us posted on the world of tweeting.

    The Seven Seas sounds like a place to stay away from. Guess since the owners tried to burn it down, that won’t be hard.

  2. The Seven Seas didn’t burn much. I went by there and it still looks like you could walk in the place, except it’s padlocked. The market next door is burned badly. Both places were owned by the same people. I hung around The Seven Seas because my favorite Cambodian restaurant is across the street from them. I’m sure the guys in there are glad The Seas is out of commission.

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