Fraud and the Dog

The Big Guy and I took the dog to her ophthalmologist for a recheck Friday. As we were walking out the door, an automatron called from The Big Guy’s bank and said his credit card had been defrauded. Hubby called the bank and confirmed he was not charging pizzas at the Pizza Hut in Great Britain. Who knew Great Britain even had a Pizza Hut. I wonder if the Queen orders from them? Does she ask for extra mushrooms? Does Pizza Hut deliver to the royal palace and sneak it in through the kitchen so the general populace doesn’t get any plebian ideas about the royal family? Does Charles eat more than his share and his mother poke his hand with a plastic fork? Does Camilla pretend pizza is gross, and then eats it out of the frig when no one is looking? Inquiring minds want to know.

The bank has promised to send Hubby some plastic soon and not charge The Big Guy for the random Great Britain pizza, the thingie from U Neek Boutique and the $200 grand purchase from God-da knows where that finally set the wheels of fraud in motion. We, in turn, wrote a bouncing check to the dog’s ophthalmologist and promised to make good on it. They were very nice, but I don’t think they quite believed the credit card was defrauded as we were walking out the door to their appointment.

The dog’s appointment went fairly well. The ophthalmologist confirmed the big dog’s eye has popped back out. It was retracted and the pupils were uneven. Now it has bounced back so she can live up to her name Googie Eye, Moog, or Moogie. That dog has more names that I can count. Horse, Cheese Whiz, Stinkpot, Idiot Savant. Whereas the little dog thinks she is more intelligent, and she may be, the big dog understands English. In all honesty, the little dog may understand English but simply refuses to acknowledge it.

4 Responses to “Fraud and the Dog”

  1. Amazing how often people get ripped off. There were some folks here in Germany that hacked into a bank’s records. The were just taking a few Euros from each account, something that most of the time would not be noticed. The got quite a large amount before they were caught.

  2. That is wild. Wonder how they got caught. It’s not like people would notice or complain.

  3. Someone in GB got his credit card number and all they ordered was pizza? What’s that matter with the thieves today — you get just as much jail time for pizza as you would a brand spankin’ new plasma screen TV!

  4. I know, AZ. Cwazy and why a pizza? That just seems so weird. Must be kids.

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