Little Dog’s Work is Never Done

The Little Dog has decided she doesn’t like the dog door. I don’t know why. She has liked and used the dog door for the 9 years we have been in this house. Now, she refuses and goes up to the dog door and stands. If it’s a real emergency, she will stand at the door a bit, and then walk through the house looking for me so I will open the back door and let her out.

Last night around 2am, I awoke to the sounds of Little Dog toenails on the hardwood, clicking for the back door. I lay in bed listening. It’s a really small house, and I have really good hearing. I heard the Little Dog walk up to the dog door, stop and wait. Then she turned around and came for me. She parked herself at the head of my bed, and stared, boring a hole in my head. I got up and followed her to the back door. Then we both stood there. I wanted to make a point, and she waited to make her point. We waited, wills battling. She won, of course because no one can out stubborn the Little Dog. I opened the door. She trotted outside and shot to the back of the yard, which is unusual because she normally hangs around the front of her yard. It was then I realized we had been visited by the Easter skunk and the Little Dog was hot on the trail.


8 Responses to “Little Dog’s Work is Never Done”

  1. Oh dear…I hope Little Dog didn’t catch up with the Easter skunk! So do tell… did the skunk take off running OR are you soaking Little Dog in tomato juice today?
    And by the way…Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter to you Connie. The Easter skunk had come and gone, thank goodness. The Little Dog spent a long time stalking while I was at the door in my P.J.s trying to coax her in, to no avail. The Little Dog’s work is never done. Easter skunks deserve the same interrogation as cat trails. Fortunately for us, she doesn’t catch anything. Now the Big Dog is a different story, but she was inside snoring with Hubby.

  3. Funny story, love it. Smart little dog. If you or your readers get a chance head over to Brett Battles Blog. His third novel is coming out and he is having a giveaway of some advance reading copies. He’s a really good writer.

  4. Makes you wonder what goes on in Little Dog’s head don’t it? I wonder what sort of animal could have sprayed the doggie door and made it enemy territory, maybe a coyote?

  5. I went over to Brett’s blog, Steve. His book looks great.

    I’m not sure what happened with the little dog, AZ. I did clean the dog door and maybe she doesn’t like that. We don’t get coyotes much in Oakland. Soon as I put this on the blog, we’ll get one. I’m thinking now it might be the Easter skunk that was dropping by.

  6. Driver, Hope you wind a copy. I read his first two books and they were entertaining. Easter Skunk? Do you get the ocassional skunk in the area?

  7. Ohhhhh you cleaned the doggie door! A dog’s world is made up of smells, you probably scrubbed all the homey off! A couple hundred entrances and exits from Big Dog will probably remedy the problemo.

  8. Steve, we usually don’t get skunks in this area, and I haven’t seen him yet, just smelt him.

    I think you’re right, AZ. I hope so anyway. The little dog looks so pitiful waiting for me to open the door.

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