Russian Intersection

6 Responses to “Russian Intersection”

  1. It makes you wonder if they have stop lights or if it is a first come first cross street.

  2. Well this reminded me of driving through intersections here in Florida. Red lights mean nothing to the drivers here….well I should say not all drivers. The drivers that do not get the meaning of red lights here are all over 70 and from New York and surrounding states and from Michigan. Red lights mean HURRY UP.. GET THROUGH.. SO I DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT GREEN LIGHT!!! I guess they are all late for bingo or early bird specials. Season is almost over and I CAN NOT WAIT.

  3. Steve, I can’t believe that have stop lights. If they do, they are ignoring them.

    LOL, Connie. I have so forgotten what Florida is like. Must be a lot more old folks there now than when I used to visit 35 years ago. I bet it is like demolition derby.

  4. Okay, I watched it again and I think they do have stop lights because at one point one of the driver’s runs over one of them. Weird.

  5. I bet if you get the traffic cop assignment for that intersection it’s the police department’s way of saying quit you ignorant sloth or we’ll keel you!

  6. LOL, okay that made me laugh.

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