Whitey the Squirrel

whiteyThis photo was emailed to me from my friend in Tennessee. She has two white squirrels at her place. He’s a wild one, that one.

5 Responses to “Whitey the Squirrel”

  1. Tell you friend I really enjoyed the photo. Super picture. Ask her to send one (the squirrel not the photo) to me.

  2. I had to Google “White Squirrels” and darn it there aren’t sites about white squirrels, I learned that several cities claim to have the most white squirrels: Brevard, North Carolina; Exeter, Ontario; Marionville, Missouri; and Kenton, Tennessee! Some claim that the only true white squirrel is the albino white squirrel, others say the brown eyed squirrel is the true white squirrel, what he heck would I do without the Interweb!

  3. worldphotos Says:

    AZ, I read some of the same thing. Interesting about the claims.

  4. What a fantastic shot of an unusual critter! I’ve never seen a white squirrel.
    I just called over from Steve’s place but I see we have another friend in common in Chrisb from Ms Cellania.

  5. I love the white squirrel too, Steve. Such a rare sight.

    Who knew there would be so much info about the white squirrel, AZ. Looks like this guy has pink eyes, probably an albino and he is in Tennessee.

    Thanks for dropping by Daffy. It is a great shot emailed to me by one of my good friends. The little fellow lives in her back yard with another white squirrel.

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