More Baby Dog

danidylanMy friend’s baby dog now weighs all of 6.5 pounds. Dylan, the older dog still serves as nursemaid. My friend tells me that Baby Dog sleeps under the covers and her ears are growing and flopping over. I hope she retains ear control like my small dog, who can raise and lower her ears at will, like the flying nun.


7 Responses to “More Baby Dog”

  1. What a sweet picture. They look like best friends to me!

  2. You just never know who’s gonna take a step forward and volunteer to mentor a little dog, three BOW WOWs for Dylan for stepping up to the challenge.

  3. I hope Dylan teaches the little one some new tricks.

  4. or like Dumbo! and look what Dumbo could do!
    Little one looks safe. ;o)

  5. I think they are best friends, Connie. I just love this picture.

    And Dylan is the old boy, AZ. He is such a good old boy.

    Dylan is a tough old guy. I hope he teaches the little fellow that though at 6 pounds it’s hard to be tough.

    ha ha.. Daffy. Yeah, Dumbo but that would be more my little dog. Her ears are huge.

  6. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    That Sally Field, wow. Talented actress 🙂

  7. LOL! Yes, everyone likes the little dog. And the old dog too. He is a tough gentle one.

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