bikepathThis is part pf the bike path around Coyote Hills in Fremont. We biked 12 miles around the hills up by the marshlands last Thursday. I rode my folding bike while my brother-in-law rode my big bike. I swear I like the folder better than the big bike. The folder only has 6 gears and it’s not like I can get confused (and disoriented) with only 6 gears. There’s only one shifter knob. The only problem with the folder is it’s so light I’ve had some hellacious wrecks on it. One of them was so bad the whole bike folded itself up, right in half and collapsed the handlebars. I sprung off of it… or should I say, “flew off of it” unhurt. So far, no permanent damage to myself. The bike has had both wheels replaced because of broken spokes. And yes, I am wearing a helmet.

I always see something neat at Coyote Springs. This last visit I saw some gorgeous white pelicans flying in a flock. They lit on the marsh and fished a while. I also saw an animal I originally thought was a weasel. I guess it’s my Southern upbringing to think every sneaking low lying varmint is a weasel. I even yelled out, “WEASEL,” but now I’m sure it wasn’t because the trail we were on at the time was called Muskrat Trail. I think it was a muskrat and a big one at that, though not particularly fat. He looked like he had been on Jenny Craig, and for all I know, he might be on the cover of People magazine in a few weeks. I bet he gets sick of all the paparazzi.


14 Responses to “Weasel”

  1. Weasel, I can hear the yell now. A skinny muskrat has to look funny. Sounds like a nice bike path. I need to put air in the tires of my bike. Didn’t get out much last year. Too much rain when I had the time.

  2. What a view! High five to you for doing a 12 mile ride. I’m pretty sure I’d never make it! Maybe I should pull out my bike too.

  3. You peddled your ass for 12 miles! Wow!

    I’ve never seen a weasel or a muskrat. I did see a beaver once in Wyoming, scared the bee jabbers out of me, I was sitting on the edge of a small lake and all of a sudden I heard the rustle of something moving in the grass behind me, I had just enough time to look over my shoulder and saw this large brown thing coming out of the tall grass heading for the water, it was huge, or maybe it looked big because I had “bear” on my mind when I first heard the footfalls. Needless to say, I really didn’t get a good look at the beaver because I was truckin’ as fast as I could away from him.

  4. I’m still thinking that animal may have been a weasel, Steve. I have checked a bunch of pictures on the internet and muskrats are fat. THe only thing that convinces me otherwise is he was headed for the water.

    Connie, you could do this 12 miles. There’s not much climb to any of it and every once in a while I get off and walk. Then we stop and eat lunch too. We’re not avid bikers. We’re more like bike a while and then eat a while.

    I’m laughing AZ but I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time. I hate to get surprised and scared like that. I saw a little beaver over here at Lake Merritt if you can believe that. I have no idea what the little guy was doing in the middle of Oakland. He was swimming around in the lake and the only reason I know it was a beaver was he showed me his big flat tail.

  5. A beaver in Lake Merritt, that’s something. As lads, my brother and I used to fish in the lake. Caught smelt. Most of them we dropped in mailboxes on the way home. Never got caught and I wonder what the folks thought when they checked their mail.

  6. LOL! I am laughing so hard about those smelts in the mailboxes. I wonder what the people thought too. Delivery fish.

  7. I’ll have to get my bike out of storage and try this path. I’ll be on the lookout for that weasel!

  8. worldphotos Says:

    How are you doing?

  9. Hey Driver where you be?

  10. LOL! Rene, let me know if you see that weasel.

    I’m good WorldPhotos. Just wandering around with my brother for now. He’s in from Georgia.

    AZ, my brother is here from Georgia and I can’t do two things at once like see him and post a blog entry. So, I’m yahooing around with him. We haven’t seen each other in about 7 years because don’t travel much and he’s stuck in the South. So, he came out here.

  11. Have a great time.

  12. Give ’em a big ol’ slap on the butt for me, and say AZ say’s HOWDY all the way from Arizona!

  13. How great you are having some good ole brother time. I hope y’all have a great time together! Enjoy.

  14. Thanks Connie. We had a good time. He’s the same after all these years.

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