Maru, the cat in a mask


6 Responses to “Maru, the cat in a mask”

  1. I liked how the cat used the bag to feel it’s way from room to room, just tap the door frame with the bag and keep on truckin’ to funny!

  2. Man oh man! Why did I use “it’s”! I know why, significant other keeps talking to me about his television program, he knows how much I love wheel allignment tutorials 🙂 !

  3. Good observation, AZ. I had no idea how Maru was getting from room to room. I rewatched the video and you are right. I think the cat is brilliantly funny.

    LOL! What is my excuse then for using it’s instead of its?

  4. I think the cat must have smoked something before he did his bag thing. It’s an unusual cat.

  5. driver Says:

    He’s hooked on the catnip? Could be. He’s a crazy critter.

  6. I like the way he puts the bag back where he got it.

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