Where Have I Been?

First, my brother-in-law was in town and then my brother. My brother and I pick up right where we left off and march on with it, still laughing at things that happened 35 years ago. One of our favorite quotes from my mother that sends us to hilarity ever time we repeat it is, “You and your little friends are tearing up my car,” and Mom has been dead for 10 years. She said that sentence to my brother, and I’m laughing as I type the line – out loud – in the middle of the night – by myself here at the keyboard. Of course, by the time she said the now infamous statement my brother was no longer little nor were his friends. Varoom.

grandprixSpeaking of driving, I did. Drove, that is. Not on the road. That’s simply asking for it, but we all went to Malibu Grand Prix and I drove their mini racer around the track like my hair was on fire. The teenaged track proctor (or whatever his official name is) flagged down Hubby, my brother, and me and told us to depress either the gas or the brake, but not both at the same time. My next lap was considerably slower. I pulled into the pit to complain to the proctor. First, I tried, “I need a faster car” and when that failed he told me to simply “don’t apply the brakes.” Never thought of that. So, I flew outta the pit like the reckless piece of mayhem that I am. In the end, I got the faster car, and quite honestly it was too fast. On my second lap with the fast car, I took a corner, spun out and bucked through the vegetation. Track rules state the driver is supposed to wait for the track proctor once a driver spins out and goes off track. But what the heck? The proctor was bent into some darling’s car, helping her with her seat belt, and I figured if I baja-ed a bit and gone thrown out, it would only mean I couldn’t drive at all – anywhere.

4 Responses to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Hey girl friend! Good to see you back, and great to hear that you and your bro had such a good time together. Is that you in the go cart?

  2. Hubby thinks it’s me but I thought I drove a faded pink car and then a black car. I could be wrong though. I was the only one leaning into the curves so it might be me. My feet didn’t quite touch the peddles so I had to slip down in the seat some. It probably is me and I have a faulty memory about the car color.

  3. You’ll be moving up to F-1 class before you know it. Glad you had fun with the visits.

  4. driver Says:

    LOL! I wish. My style is more demolition derby.

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