Golden Gate Bridge

goldengateI took this picture with my phone’s camera. It’s low res, but I like how it gives the photo a watercolor effect. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I can’t seem to carry a real camera for some reason. I think it’s the bulk and the bother.

We were standing above the Golden Gate in the Marin headlands, looking down. The wind was so bad I had to walk behind my brother so I didn’t get blown off the bluff. At one point, I lifted my foot up and tried to put it down and my whole leg got blown about a foot from where I was trying to plant it.

Afterward Hubby took my brother and me to a swanky restaurant called Poggio in Sausalito. The most notable things about the place were the sardine appetizer and the martini my brother got. That martini was a combustible gas fume. I’m pretty sure because I smelled it. It was a Molotov cocktail waiting for a match and a toss.

7 Responses to “Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    Mmmm. Molitov martinis.

    So would you recommend the place?

    That’s damn good resolution for a cell phone camera. Mine’s for shit.

  2. driver Says:

    Nah, it was expensive and the food wasn’t that good. Maybe I’m being picky but really the best things were the appetizers and the Molotov Martini.

  3. I haven’t seen the bridge since 2004. Nice picture.

  4. driver Says:

    Thanks. The little camera on my phone does a good job.

  5. Geez, I’ve got to get out more often, when I saw your picture of Golden Gate bridge (very nice photo) it reminded me that its been a really long time since I’ve been there. I also remember Sausalito, we went there to have a late lunch, it was a ritzy titzy restaurant and there was a large party seated when we arrived. We, my brother-in-law, my sister, and me were thinking’ maybe we should have picked a less hoity toity eatery, but hell we were already here might as well enjoy. The waiter took out drink order, and promised a prompt return with our drinks at which time he would take of lunch orders. The table across the way was filled with what I would describe as the yacht club type, they were talking and laughing and having a good time, all off a sudden one of the women let out a burp that sounding the a fog horn, I mean the floor to ceiling glass windows rattled in their frames, so much for hoity toity yacht club types, they have their most embarrassing moments too.

  6. Connie Says:

    Your picture and post made me want to go to SF so much! I love to visit there. Maybe someday we’ll make it back there! ” I left my heart…..”

  7. driver Says:

    That made me laugh, AZ. I guess the hoity toity can fog horn one out when they need to.

    You should come out sometime. Hubby and I will take you around and show you some sights, Connie. It’s a beautiful place. Usually good weather too.

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