Uh Boy

I was wrong about my Golden Gate picture in yesterday’s blog entry. As my husband pointed, that photo was taken from the South side near the Sutro baths (Cliff House). This picture was taken from the Marin headlands, the North side. There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t drive. Add one more to the stack – directional retardation.

hughmanHubby and I went to the movies this afternoon. I generally don’t like to go to theaters but it’s pouring down rain here and has been most of the day. We saw something called Wolverine. I was unfamiliar with the back story, and only slightly familiar with the star, having accidentally found him on Twitter when I was trying to tweet something. I will give him this. He’s a handsome devil in a 70’s sort of way. Maybe it’s the hairdo. Anyway, on the way home I proceeded to tell my husband the few facts I had learned from reading Jack Hughman’s twittering. We got most of the way home before Hubby told me his name was really Hugh Jackman. No telling whose tweets I was reading on twitter.

fancymaskThen I had this thought. I bet someone could make a buck with designer surgical masks for this swine flu panic. Of course, right behind that thought came this one. If I’m thinking this up, it’s already been done.

2 Responses to “Uh Boy”

  1. Nice photos of the GG, whichever side it’s on. Jack Hughman, oh I got a big laugh out of that. I knew who you meant. The mask looks like a goats face.

  2. driver Says:

    Hey, you’re right about the mask. I couldn’t figure out what animal it was. It’s kind of hard when the eyes are human and you only have the nose and mouth to go on.

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