Off the Wall Squirrel

We caught this little squirrel on the surveillance camera trying to jump on the top of our yard’s wall. He’s over to the left hanging around the telephone pole. He leaps, falls back, and then we come around the corner at the end of the block. We were walking the dogs. The little squirrel gave up on the wall and ran up my neighbor’s driveway.


6 Responses to “Off the Wall Squirrel”

  1. I wonder why he wanted to jump up on the lawn. Nice try, but the driveway was easier.

  2. I don’t know why he wanted on the yard. This little guy was a juvenile. He accomplished the same thing by running up my neighbor’s driveway, onto my fence and into the redwood tree. Actually, I don’t see too many of the older squirrels in front of the house. We have a lot of cats and bad traffic. I hope he stays in the back yard now.

  3. Safe play for him.

  4. I mean safe place.

  5. Is that you, Hubby, and Little Dog walking on the sidewalk entering stage right? I can tell one is short (you), one is very tall (Hubby), and one is black (Little Dog), but where is Big Dog? Oh yeah, the squirrel is cute too!

  6. driver Says:

    That’s us. I had to watch the video several times to figure out where the big dog was. She lags behind these days so it looks like all you can see is top of her tail because she is walking a little behind the Big Guy.

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