Little Dog Mania

dinksterThe Little Dog started walking next to the wall again. It’s a weird thing to watch. Whereas, most dogs (and humans) will walk pretty much down the center of a hallway, when the little dog is getting an ear infection she will tightrope up next to the baseboard in the hallway. Then I heard her hind feet slipping out from under her, as if she’s on ice. That’s the final symptom. The vet worked us in and declared her middle ear was going bad again. Sounds like some space term – middle ear. And the truth of the matter is, she’s the only dog I know who gets a middle ear infection. Most other dogs get an inner ear infection. She’s back on the Baytril, an anti-biotic. It would be nice if she displayed typical symptoms of an ear infection, like digging on the ear or pointing at it with her paw. But, the Little Dog has me trained, and I guess that’s all that matters.

When we got up this morning, Little Dog decided she had a cough. It was a persistent cough, not one where she yaks ups a blade of grass and she’s done with it. I called Hubby and he suggested forcing liquids. First off, no one forces anything on the Little Dog. I hate to think that dogs are like their humans, but I know it’s true. Little Dog can be a stubborn ass. I couldn’t “force” liquids on that dog if my life depended on it. I can suggest things. So, she and I lay in bed most of the day listening to her do her goose calls, and then I would offer her some water. By 1:30pm this afternoon she seemed to have coughed her last, and was perfectly happy to have been waited on all afternoon. At least I think it’s the last cough. Tomorrow may bring another spell, but Hubby has the day off, and we can run her over to see the vets – again – if need be.


6 Responses to “Little Dog Mania”

  1. Once, many many moons ago, when I was visiting my stepmother-in-law (southern boy’s step mom), she gave my Little Dog a bowl of water, my Little Dog just looked at it and then looked back at my step mother-in-law. She asked me what was the matter, why didn’t Little Dog drink, I explained to her Little Dog preferred to drink from a glass, so a switch was made and sure enough Little Dog drank as soon as a water glass was set before her. Sometimes forcing a doggie to drink is as simple as using the proper ewer.

  2. Middle ear infection. New to me, but I don’t have a dog. Hope the little guy gets better.

  3. Connie Says:

    What a sweet face….makes me just want to kiss it!

  4. HA! Too funny, AZ. We have tried that with Dinky too, only I forgot about it. We have a little glass saucer she is fond of. I will have to get it back out. Thanks for reminding me. The procedure I was using was so ridiculous. I put some water on my fingers and she’ll lick that. After about 5 fingers of that, I pretend to drink water out of her bowl. She thinks something delicious is in her bowl if I want to drink it, so she usually takes a good drink after that. Thankfully, she was been normal today. Okay, as normal as she can be.

    She’s better Steve. She’s and old one though. 15 this year and we are babying her along now. She is the grand dame of the household.

    ha ha… me too Connie. She is so funny. When I kiss her she always has to kiss me back. I know she thinks that is courtesy. She is so sweet (and yet ornery).

    • Another trick that used to work with my Little Dog was to say “go way — mine, mine, mine!” I don’t care what it was I was trying to get her to eat the mere mention of the word “mine” would lure her into eating it out of sheer greediness. Ahhhh, Little Dog I miss her still!

      • LOL! Typical of the little dogs. They want what you’ve got. I will try the “mine” technique next.

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