The rain won’t quit, and it’s not real rain where it pours down, fills the drainage ditches and runs off in a life-threatening emergency. It’s this weak California brand of rain I call drizzle, day in and day out gloom and spit. It’s making me a tiny bit stir crazy where I went into the bathroom and cut my bangs, and I cut them way too short. There is some way to get them to lie down but not right now, not with the amount of hair product I own. I think time may be the only answer. People have not seen my forehead in years, and there is a reason for that. It is a white beacon that can land a commuter plane in a dense fog. I am looking for a hat.

chickenmosiacHere is a nice picture I took with my camera phone. It is a chicken tile mosaic from the ferry building in San Francisco. It has nothing to do with rain and bad haircuts. Chickens are good, forehead beacons – not so good.


10 Responses to “Rain”

  1. I hate the drizzle. Give me a hard rain and get it over with. Yesterday I visited my dermatologist. I have a little knot of dried skin on the top of my head. Normally not a problem, but when I run a comb through my thining hair, I always snag it. He froze it (and gave me an ice cream headache in the process. He said it will fall off in a couple of days. I asked him if he was talking about my head, my hair, or the knot. He laughed. I’ll give it a couple of days and see whats lying on my pillow when I get up.

    • 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 FUNNY!

  2. Oh, almost forgot. Nice picture. What kind of phone do you have. I hardly use mine. I keep it for emergencies in case the car breaks down. No camera in it.

  3. It’s true…that’s a nice picture.

  4. I laughed out loud at that, Steve – not about the ice cream headache but you asking the doc if he was talking about your head. Hubby gets those things frozen off all the time too. In fact, when he is going to the dermatologist I take a Sharpie and circle in black ink the ones I would like the doc to look at on his back. Hubby says the doc always sighs and says, “I see your wife has been working you over.”

    My phone is an LG CU500 formerly Cingular, now AT & T. I put a memory card in it so I could take pictures and videos with it. It’s nice because I can get candid shots of people. THe lens rotates around. People think I am texting or something, but I am taking their picture. My brother has a little go phone named a Track Phone, that he just has for emergencies too. Of course, we have renamed it a crack phone.

    Thanks Kate. I think the little cell phone takes decent enough pictures for my blog.

  5. The doc is a nice guy. He speaks English pretty good and has a sense of humor. I’ve had him take other moles off in the past. I read a review of your phone. sounds like a good one. I laughed about you working your husband over. A shaprie, that’s good. Don’t use one with permanent ink.

  6. Why a chicken on the ferry building? Sorry about your bangs, did you cut them while your hair was wet? When I was in beauty school they always told us to cut bangs dry, because wet hair stretches.

  7. driver Says:

    I was wondering if your doc spoke English. I’m always curious how the health care systems work in other countries. One of my husband’s aunt’s best friends lives in Greece. She used to live here 6 months and there 6 months. Then it became just there. Then her husband died and she got breast cancer. She came back here to get treated. I wonder why.

    The phone was something Hubby picked out. I was getting used phones from the dude on the corner in the small shop. Hubby kept breaking his and he didn’t like the dude on the corner. So, he picked out these two phones and got them. I like it because it has a camera but I like buying disposable phones from the dude on the corner. There was something definitely weird with the dude on the corner.

    AZ, I have no idea why there is a chicken in the ferry building. You would think they would put a boat or something. Maybe it’s part of the original structure. I never saw it either until I was literally leaning against it one day waiting for Hubby to come out of the bathroom.

    And I cut my hair dry and just the tips of the bangs. I don’t know what happened. It is a mess. I may have to pay for a real haircut. I’m getting a few comments on it now from people at the hospital, like what happened to your hair. I don’t know if they are referring to the bangs or the fact I quit dying it. It is really grey.

  8. So I guess that would be a tile for the kitchen then? Well, I can’t imagine having them in the bathroom, when you had a shower having all those chickens looking at you! Very off-putting!
    Do you know that the one place that I really really really want to go to is San Francisco! It could be the result of watching too much Mrs Doubrfire and Charmed but I wanna gasp my way up those hills! I wanna jump on a tram and I heard you have amazing fog! (??)
    Nice bangs! Did you cut them yourself?
    (Had to laugh at Steve’s ice-cream headache! They hurt so much!)

  9. driver Says:

    Daffy, that chicken tile mosaic isn’t in the kitchen or the bathroom. It’s just on a wall in the ferry building. Odd. I have no idea why it would be on a wall there.

    San Francisco is great. I like to BART into the city and just walk sometimes, up and down the hills. Sometimes, Hubby and I take the bus to somewhere – destination unknown and then come back. There is always something to see.

    The fog is awesome. I rather like it. A lot of tourists mistake it for rain, it is so thick sometimes. When it is like that, it is mist-like.

    I cut the bangs myself. I cut them some more today. They look better now.

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