Earthlink Sucks

For some reason, Earthlink has decided in the last month I am a spammer/zombie. They are taking all my email sent to my earthlink friends and throwing it in their spam folders. My friends never check their spam folders because it’s supposed to be SPAM. When I finally figured out something must be wrong, I contacted one of my Earthlink buds and asked him to speak with Earthlink. My friend has notified Earthlink (sucks) three times and told them my email is NOT spam. I contacted Earthlink at, and they said, “Oh no, your mail server IP and your IP are just fine. Nothing is wrong.” Then they just kept sending me autogenerated email. I finally called them, and it went straight to India. I wonder if these companies have any idea how many people hate talking to the know-nothings in India. The customer service Indian (Aaron of no last name) kept telling me to contact Earthlink at Been there, done that. Then he told me to have my friend contact them. Been there, done that. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor, and he put me on hold for a good long time. He came back and said I was not an Earthlink customer and could not talk to a manager. EARTHLINK, YOU SUCK.


6 Responses to “Earthlink Sucks”

  1. Sounds like you are not having a good time with them. I read the complaints and expected to see one from you. When these companies buy out smaller ones it seems like they bite off more than they can chew. And there is nothing worse than being packed off to Indiia. They have some smart computer folks there, but they are not the ones answering the phones. Good luck.

    • No, I’m not having a good time with earthlink even though talking to Aaron in India sounded like an Abbott and Costello routine, plus he kept putting me on hold. When it comes to complaints, I usually skip yelp and go directly for the web, knowing that in a few days or weeks the blog title and entry will drift to google’s search engines. “Earthlink sucks” will also be picked up by earthlink’s web crawlers if they have any, which I doubt or they would know they have a problem. EARTHLINK SUCKS

  2. Hey, that’s good. Just like you did with the bus problem. They picked up on it. You should post it to a blog in India. Naa, that wouldn’t work. EARTHLINK REALLY SUCKS, BIG TIME. Maybe that will help.

    • Thanks. I hope it helps. So far they have not come by. Figures. They don’t care that people think they have rotten customer service.

  3. earthlink sucks but I still think wins the big one for sucketty.

    • Well, I won’t be trying them any time soon then. I’m still duking it out with earthlink(less).

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