Jack Schitt


10 Responses to “Jack Schitt”

  1. I worked with an attorney whose first initial and last name spelled “C.Rapp,” not a good as Schitt, but close!

  2. Cute! LOL!!

  3. I first saw this as an email, some years ago. Better now.


  4. dude? someone named takara thomas is looking for you and contacted me. I’d email you but of course my email addresses died with Outlook. Pppppfffff.
    So you should email me and I should forward it. katerothwell at gmail is good

    Also the video is funny, yup, but not as funny as the Frankenbus.

  5. Hey Kate, good to see you.

    I don’t know Takara and we just got through a spell of having our credit cards hacked. She’s going to have to do without my email.

    Thanks, I think the Frankens are pretty funny myself.

  6. Hmmm. I hope she doesn’t mind all that address and whatnot released on the world wide web. Anyway. There. You can delete the stuff. or whatever. And I’d go on a major hunt for your stories too, so I believe her.

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