Bunker Babble Boo Boo

bunkerboobooIn case you haven’t read the news, apparently Joe Biden was at some dinner with a table full of reporters and told them about the secret vice-presidential bunker under the old U.S. Naval Observatory. His revelation has caused a bit of a brew-ha-ha, and I have read several comments under these news stories referring to him as an idiot and a blabbermouth. Personally, I am suspending judgment. I think it’s the job of the vice-president to make the president look brighter and smarter.

And remember Cheney? He shot his best friend in the chest with birdshot. Then his friend later had a heart attack caused by one of the rogue pellets. I liked all the news reports from this incident too. I hang on to three facts in particular. First, Cheney and his friend were not hunting with their wives but two “other women.” Second, immediately after the shooting, some folks (mostly White House press) tried to pin the blame on the shot friend. Third, they all said they had not been drinking until the ranch owner later said, “Yeah, yeah, we’d been drinking some beer. At lunch.”

And I really like these goofy pictures that surface after the Veep does something off the wall. We’d never get to see them, if he didn’t shoot his mouth off like a malfunctioning Chinese bottle rocket, or shoot his friend in the chest. In a way I feel sorry for Biden. I know if it were me, I’d be loose lipped all the time. “Hey! Anyone wanna guess what I just found in the Naval Observatory?”

I wonder if Obama took him aside and said, “Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe” like your teachers used to do when you conjugated a verb wrong. I don’t believe in those shock collars for dogs, but I think I could make a strong case for one on Joe Biden’s neck. He could wear a hidden microphone, and any time the secret service determined he was giving away national secrets, they could zap him. Of course, if he got too blabby, they would have to announce he was an epileptic. Then he’d be on all these fundraising committees and be a national spokesman. The service would have to shock him in public so people could see how badly he was subjected to the disease. “Oh, the tangled web we weave when we first start to deceive.” My ex-mother-in-law used to say that all the time, which is kind of funny considering she was one of those old lady liars who fibbed about almost everything. My favorite saying is, “It’s the pot calling the kettle black” though I don’t think anyone in California much understands what I’m talking about when I say it.


6 Responses to “Bunker Babble Boo Boo”

  1. This is funnier than reading about Biden in the news. Super post. Chortle.

  2. Oh goodness, significant other has a habit of blabbing endlessly to people who could give a shit. I keep saying: “Hey honey, people really don’t want to hear about your medical history for the last 20 years when they ask “How are you?” All they expect is for you to lie and say “I’m fine!” He’s so bad that sometimes when a clerk at a store says “How are you? I immediately jump in and say “I’m fine, he’s a little off, but I’m just fine.”

    • I’m over here hanging my head. I’m guilty of the same thing. In fact if something weird health wise has happened I get all angry and go “You wanna know how I am? I’ll tell ya.” I know the people are thinking – KOOK – KOOK ALRERT.

  3. I would love to post a comment about my physical problems, but I can’t remember what they are.

    • LOL! Thankfully, I partake of that too. I like to say, “Now, where was I?” Hubby looks at me blankly and shrugs.

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