I’m afraid I have the same compulsion I do with Teddy Grahams – bite the head off. Is that sacrilegious or just hunger? At the hospital’s gift shop, we have hot Cheetos too. I thought I had learned the Spanish word for that and was telling the patients “pica” but another volunteer, who is fluent in Spanish, said that means penis. I’m hell in the gift shop. I got fired three times yesterday, and I’m going back there today. It’s hard to fire someone who doesn’t get paid. I get there in time for the free lunch.


6 Responses to “Cheesus”

  1. Oh yes … bite the heads off first thing!

  2. People are seeing Jesus everywhere. On toast, cheese, etc. and now cheetos. I wonder how much it will get on E-Bay. Hot penises in the guest shop. That will be big with the female cliental. And perhaps a few of the males.

    • Yeah, not a good thing. The gift shop is the hub. We are right by the ER so everyone is wandering in and out, looking around. The other day we someone so high on crack I got a secondary high trying to sell him a pepsi

  3. Spanish word or spicy or hot is “picoso.”

    I’m gonna start my next rant with “Cheesus H. Christ!”

    When I was a little girl, I used to chomp off the heads of animal crackers, it is the fastest way to dispatch a cookie with little or no sufferin’.

  4. LOL! I love that, the quick death of the animal cracker.

    Picoso – I’ll have to remember that. I sure miss our volunteers who spoke Spanish. We get people in the gift shop all the time who need a translator. I just know the basics.

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