Update on Mr. Grand

Mr. Grand Procrastinator has done nothing about replacing the fence he tore down in the back of his house. I am grateful to Cheesus I did not let him tear down our shared portion. He has another week to complete his project, and then he is off to Italy for the summer. Holy Cheesus, but he is weird. Even though everyone is a bit odd around here (including myself), he manages to stand out. I’d like to resort to name calling with him, but that is immature. Okay, I’ll not do it here on the internet.


6 Responses to “Update on Mr. Grand”

  1. You made the right decision as you know. Off to Italy for the summer. He has to have enough for a fence.

    • This is so crazy. I just went out to collect the dog poo and Mr. Grand tore our fence down and put a new one up some time between yesterday and this morning. It is redwood, but still there is a gap at the bottom to allow for dog escape. I walked over there to his place talk to him but he wouldn’t look at me much or talk much. The Big Guy is mad. Woe be to Mr. Grand. I’m kind of torn. I don’t know whether to be happy or mad. I mean the new fence is better if you discount the gap and the gap between the slats where I can look at his trashed out yard. But it’s behind our garage so I don’t see so much. I think it falls into one of those categories of pick your battles and this is like wrestling with a pig. The pig enjoys it and I just get dirty. I think I’ll probably dismiss the whole scene with my usual – “Oakland!”

  2. worldphotos Says:

    He sure was quick about it. Guess he wants that vacation.

  3. You mean Mr. GP tore down the fence you told him not to? And of course I have to ask… You have a dog poo collection? 😕 😕 😕 😕

    • We have plenty of poo and I was thinking about using it as a chinking material between the slats of his new fence, but it’s a moot point. Hubby is slow to anger but when he does, it’s pretty much all over. Hubby got mad and paid a visit to Mr. GP this morning. I think Mr. GP may understand now he is in a tiny bit of trouble, and more so than even I knew.

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