The Missing Link

idaAnd so the news went on about, ”Scientists unveiled Tuesday the fossil of a lemurlike creature called ‘Ida’ that lived 47 million years ago in what is now Germany. According to media reports, the discovery is a missing link in human evolution.”

Admittedly Ida is impressive, but I have my doubts about the missing link part and the tip off is Ida was a lemur – or lemurlike. I thought the whole theory of evolution was based on monkeys, not lemurs. You might ask what’s the difference? And the answer would be eye shadow. I don’t want to learn how to put eye shadow on that looks like a lemur, though a lot of woman do.

My favorite words in the Ida news articles are “home erectus,” and the next time I go to some event where I have to stick one of those nametags on my shirt, I’m going to write “Homo Erectus” on mine. If anyone asks, I’ll say, “You can call me ‘Homo’ for short.”

monroeHere is my missing link. I found it on the sidewalk in front the church, next to the 57 bus stop. I only saw it because green flies were inspecting it, and green flies are unusual in Oakland. I’m calling it Monroe. It is the missing link between a robin and a pterodactyl.

And in other missing links – chickens. Chickens are missing links in their own category. They are prehistoric, historic and present. I guess they are not really missing then at all. Are they? And yes, I am chicken obsessed. AZ sent me this site and I have spent DAYS looking at it. The coop builders are great. I love their detailed descriptions. One other word – “silkies.” Okay, I lied. A few other words – my neighbor just bought four chicks from the Ranch Hag.


8 Responses to “The Missing Link”

  1. There’s nothing like a good science post to get me going in the morning. Some mornings I feel like the missing link, but today the sun is out and I feel wonderful. How is the fence situation coming along?

    • I thought I was the missing link. Okay maybe not a link to anything. I’m just the missing part and most of that is brains – seriously.

      The fence is one of the neighbor’s usual messes. THe back portion is still down with only one board up. Our side is mostly done but when we complained about the gaps, he put two boards up without gaps at the top. He did fix the huge gap at the bottom so the little dog can’t get out. It looks bad, but per the Hubby’s insistence, the neighbor bought us redwood fence boards to replace our fence on our side, so we are basically going to put our fence back up and cover up his mess. Our plan if he didn’t cooperate was to call codes on him. Apparently you need a building permit for a deck and fencing over 6 feet tall. After that we were going to get some fencing estimates, and file in small claims court. Right now, he has bought us off with the replacement redwood. No sign of the neighbor today and he may have trotted off to Italy. Hard to say. He leaves projects half done. Hubby told him that and told him we were not going to look at his half assed mess ever again. Our house is like a shoebox and unfortunately the bulk of our windows face his property.

  2. Oh my lordy….Homo Erectus………..almost popped something laughing at that one!!! Happy Memorial Day tomorrow!

  3. Glad you husband got hit point across. Enjoy Memorial Day.

    • We did the typical thing. Hamburgers on the grill and then watched a movie. It was nice. Hubby and I had 3 whole days off together. And the weather was gorgeous. Hope you had a good time too.

      • We did chicken on the barbie, with corn and foil packets of red taters. Sorry I’ve not commented for a while, but the stores here were doing double, triple, quadruple coupons, I’ve been to the store so many times they wave to me when I come in the door!

  4. Sounds delicious, AZ. I figured you were busy, busy, busy.

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