The News, or Not

Hubby and I had a big Memorial Day weekend. We went to Target and bought an organic chocolate bar. After dinner, The Big Guy ate a couple of squares, and he said the Target chocolate made him queasy. It’s hard to imagine a 6’ 5” guy using that term and meaning it. When I laughed, he said, “Keep on. The Target chocolate will make you queasy too.” And it did in the middle of the night. The remainder of the bar is buried in the bottom of the kitchen garbage with the used coffee grounds.

In other news, our Lawn Pup is dying. The Lawn Pup is our electric Hasbro toy lawn mower with the 13” inch blade. The Big Guy held a demonstration in the front yard. It never was very powerful, but now it takes a full minute to power up. We went to three hardware stores looking for more Hasbro. Hasbro is out. Power is in, and though Power would be nice, Power is way too big to fit through the tiny gate leading into our back yard.

In more news, my brother revived Frankentruck – again. After disassembling it, he discovered a two finger sized hole in the manifold. He repaired it, and now he can hear his radio. Apparently, his daughter is disputing the facts, but what she doesn’t understand is though she may be my brother’s flesh and blood, that truck is his mechanical offspring. My brother won’t tolerate bickering between his offspring.

In still more news, I got a haircut. I had to after beacon-izing my forehead. I frequent this place across from our market where the hair cut women speak relatively good English. When I say cut ½ inch off, I mean ½ inch, but they must think I mean 2 inches and in front, they cut the bangs until I appear to be the village idiot.


12 Responses to “The News, or Not”

  1. I’ve never understood beauticians, why don’t they do what the customer asks? I haven’t had my hair professionally cut in ages, I can’t seem to find anybody who will do what I ask, they all have to get creative with MY hair, the hair I have to style and live with after I leave their shop. I have lots of hair, and it’s course, and if you cut it a tad to short it is impossible to roll, but when I explain that to the beautician it just goes in one ear and out the other, this of course lands up with me looking like a store front awning of a hairdo, stuff sticking up and out all over. Then after they hack my hair to bits, they say “what you need is a perm!” Yeah, right, how many curly headed Japanese have you seen lately!

    Note to self: Don’t buy organic chocolate at Target.

    • Dang. The same people that try to cut your hair are cutting mine. I’m not sure why they want to cut it wet either. They really can’t get a taste for how aberrant it is until my hair is dry. And perms? YIKES! Just say no and no and no.

      Fortunately we also bought a bag of M&M’s at Target so we are using those to counteract the bad organic chocolate.

  2. I like the title on the sunset/sunrise! Now I know what “driver” is driving!

    • I finally remembered this morning I was going to put the title back on the blog. I did it, but then it really made no sense, so I changed the picture to something more appropriate.

  3. worldphotos Says:

    Enjoyed reading the latest and greatest. I have an electric mower and have to use a long extension cord. I’ve been lucky and haven’t ran over it yet.

    • I don’t think we ran over our extension chord either. I think we cut it with the hedge clippers.

  4. worldphotos Says:

    Oh yeah, love the new picture.

  5. You know I spent a good long time looking at all the old auto accident pics! Is this revenge for the chicken coop site?

    • Some revenge perhaps, but there is no way you are spending as much time as I am spending on the chicken site.

  6. That was an interesting archive. Way before my time, however I still saw some of those old cars driving around when I was a kid.

    • Before my time too, but I loved the pictures. There was one car wreck on the outskirts of town and everyone was standing around in front of a hay barn. Then there was another one from the 70’s (okay not before my time) and it said fatality. It was some smashed up Crown Victoria or something and a priest was in the background giving last rights. The dead guy was in the front seat.

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