Fence or Handball? The saga continues…






Mr. GP put the finishing touches on his fence between our properties last night. The only saving grace is that it’s in our garden behind our garage. The not so-saving grace is it’s fugly and taller than our garage. Someone is going to run through our house in sneakers with a handball and ask when the court opens.

We sat on the back porch last night and stared at the monstrosity, wondering if Mr. GP didn’t know better. Surely. He’s an assistant professor with a PHD at a major university. This is a quote from his bio on his web page. “I believe that places – individual, particular and discrete places – matter.” I guess matter to whom is the question, and if he thinks perhaps messing up other people’s places is okey dokey.

So, this morning we called codes. You have to file a permit to build a fence over 6 feet tall, and Mr. GP has not filed. The Big Guy is going to talk to GP when he gets home from work about reducing the size of the handball court…er fence, and if that doesn’t work, the lady at codes said to call back, and she would file a complaint for us.


5 Responses to “Fence or Handball? The saga continues…”

  1. Driver, I guess I’m confused. Did he fix the bottom part where the dogs can run though? If not go get him. I guess you want to make a point. If it will keep the dogs in, what is a few inches?

  2. He fixed the majority of the bottom but left one small hole. We will fix it from our side now.

    I wish I could make a point with Mr. GP, but that is impossible. He is pointless. He doesn’t live in the house he is fencing and we live in ours and plan to until CA plops off into the ocean. 8″ fencing is too high for our side and particularly when it is above our garage waving around. We figure we’d ask now and nicely to fix it to codes. We will like it better. More sun for the garden. Less handball. If we were doing it, we would have done 6″. That was the deciding factor. What we Cheesus do? And that would be 6″.

  3. Makes sense to me. Damn, glad I am a renter. No problems with the neighbors, just the landlord.

  4. Yup, that’s one tall fence, and the gaps he left between the boards, doesn’t Mr. GP know that wood shrinks as it ages and those gaps are gonna get wider. It’s gonna make one heck of a trellis for some green beans in a year or so. Why don’t you ask Mr. GP if it would be alright for you to grow pole beans on his fence, tell him you were on your way to market to sell your cow when a stranger offered you some magic beans for your cow, and you’d like to plant those magic beans along his fence.

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