New Car

The Park Avenue, floated belly up in its fishbowl yesterday morning with only a click, click, click when Hubby turned the ignition key. The engine wouldn’t turn over. Right before The Big Guy walked out the front door he had said he wished he didn’t have to go to work. Who knew the Park Avenue was our Fairy Godmother, the grantor of wishes. Tonight, we take the old car our lottery tickets and ask nicely.

And so, now we have a new car. It’s a Smart Car.
smartcarThe toll taker on the bay bridge pointed out from his little booth, “How smart is it if you get smacked by a semi on I-880?” I dunno. I do know that siren on I-580 yesterday afternoon wasn’t a siren. It was me screaming because The Big Guy was driving The Clown (I mean Smart) Car 70mph. I felt like I was riding inside a super ball.

It has a 3 cylinder engine or as we call it, a 3 squirrel engine, channeling Youngster, Quinn, and Bushy. The engine’s got some crazy get up and go, and it’s in the boot. I learned “boot” means trunk. Here’s a picture of the 3 squirrel.
And we didn’t know this. The Clown Car is affiliated with Mercedes Benz. That’s bound to be some sort of embarrassment for them. I mean here were all these Mercedes Benz costumers, pretty much as you would imagine them with ascots. Then there was The Big Guy and me, getting in and out of brightly colored Clown Cars and driving them around the block. Finally, the salesman said, “Just take it home with you and see if it will go up your driveway.”

We took it home and on the way there stopped at a really bad Chinese restaurant called Shin Shin, which we renamed Shit Shit. We didn’t have quite enough change for the parking meter, and near the end of the meal 2 highway patrolmen strolled casually into the place. We left before the sliced oranges and fortune cookies, which could have been that meal’s only salvation.

So, we pick the car up today. We had to take the car back to the dealership last night because they wanted some minor stuff like money and insurance info.


9 Responses to “New Car”

  1. Great little car for the city. Lots of them here in Germany. When I see one flying down the Autobahn I do give a little shudder. The wind from one of those 18 wheelers might make it a little shaky. However, parking and gas consumption make it idea for the Bay Area. Be careful on the freeway.

    • The Autobahn? Yikes. That sounds like trouble. They have some sort of governor on the US models that restrict the car to 90 mph. Thankfully. The Big Guy doesn’t have a good feel for the speed of it yet and has been tearing down the road at 75 a couple of times.

  2. I hope you enjoy your new car. I think they are cute. Here in Florida you have to get on a waiting list to get one. Enjoy even more fewer trips to the gas pumps!

    • There was a waiting list out here too, Connie. And there was a waiting list for the test drive. I’m not sure what turned it around. I think the bad economy and the bankruptcy of a lot of dealerships. I also read where people who had reserved them were rejecting them now because they were laid off, had left the state or gas prices had gone down. Those cars are called orphans. I think we adopted an orphan. It was left over from last year. Cheaper, version.

  3. Mmmmmmm new car smell! I think it’s a very cute car, everytime I see one in a parking lot I go over and look at it. There’s one in the neighborhood with a yellow and black paint job and personalized plates that say BZZZZZZ. When I win the lottery I’m gonna get significant other his Hummer and me a Clown Car. Does Big Guy have enough leg and head room?

    • Big Guy fits in this car but not the Prius or the Yaris. In fact, he got in a Yaris and his back started going out. He was in the the floor model so long the salesman snuck up on us and asked if he could help. I thought for a fleeting second we were going to have to call an ambulance. We got him out though and never never folded him up again for a Yaris.

  4. Driver I was thinking the same thing about fitting in, but decided he did or you wouldn’t buy it. Your comment had me howling. Very funny, although not for him.

  5. gallimaufrieswiththat Says:

    Cute! What kind of mileage does it get? And yes, I suppose I should google it . . .

  6. It’s supposed to get 41 mpg highway and 36 mpg city. We’ve driven it all week and I think we have used a gallon of gas according to the gauge.

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