Credit Limit

It’s been chilly here, so much so I’m wearing my winter coat. What month is it? June? So, this is global warming. The weatherman also said it’s supposed to rain today. The sun is out right now, and it’s the first time in two days. The weatherman is on crack.

I got my Visa bill yesterday. It said, “As a valued customer, we are pleased to advise you we have raised your credit line $2000.” My Visa bill was $1.20. Call me a big spender. Wonder how they calculate those upgrades in credit. Wooo, she’s only spending $1.20. Let’s bait her with $2000.

And in other news, Mr. Grand Procrastinator, aka Asshat, whom I know you are all sick of hearing about, has left town. He has gone to Italy and no, he did not finish the top of our joint fence. The Big Guy is going to rent a chain saw over the weekend and finish it for him.


7 Responses to “Credit Limit”

  1. Good for the Big Guy!

  2. Go Big GUy! That sounds like something my hubby would do. Incidentally, I should tell you a little story here. You see at the bottom of my garden we had a lovely view of the woodlands. Then the neighbour decided that he would plant fir trees against our fence. We have extended land whereby my neighbour does not so it wasn’t his fence to tree-line! Anyhooo, whenever we get family get togethers and my husband and brother in law get a little tipsy… the saw comes out and a tree “gets it”. Our neighbour never says a word but usually ties or tapes the branch back on! hehe
    Sorry, went off one one there!
    The weather is mad here too. We are having unbelievable sunshine! We have just had the hottest May on record. England has never had such a wonderful spring! Sadly, it’s back to normal tonorrow. Unless our weatherman is on crack too!

  3. ha! I love that Daffy. I can’t believe the crazy neighbor ties or tapes the thing back on. I think I’d have to pull the string on the tie ons too.

  4. He used blue string once…. hehe
    Thanks for the visit too, now my itchy state seems to be leaving me, although for how long is anyones guess, I’m feeling a bit more sociable. Is our red squirrel lover pal away? I haven’t seen him about for a day or two..

  5. I have returned after a short retreat. Don’t cut it, string barb wire across the top and electrify it. No, guess that isn’t such a good idea.

  6. Glad to hear you are better. I’m also glad you have a dermatologist appointment in your back pocket.

    Glad to see you, Steve, because I was going to have to confess I didn’t know you were gone. I am horrible with time. Sometimes I don’t see people for years but in my mind it’s like a few days.

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