Lethal Weapon – Cat


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  1. My co-worker and girlfriend had a cat that lost control when it was excited, scared, or angry, one day the cat saw a stray cat in their back yard and was having a full fledged fit trying to get outside, her husband went to their cat and attempted to distract it, so he could go outside and escort the stray cat out of the backyard. His own cat went into a panic when it was pushed aside, gently mind you my friend and her husband are animal lovers so when I say pushed he gently pushed their cat aside so he could make his way out the door. Well, puss got really upset and by accident or by plan he bit his owner on the leg. Several days later, while having a dinner party, the Mr. started acting strangely, couldn’t finish a sentence, and was basically going into states of mental confusion. His wife finally called 911 and asked it her husband should go to the hospital by ambulance or if she should transport him to the emergency room. She was told yes she should bring him to the emergency room, so she loaded up her husband, who by this time was no longer able to speak or stand without assistance. When they got him to the hospital they discovered he was suffering from blood poisoning, brought about by the cat bite. So “lethal weapon cat” is quite real and living in Arizona.

  2. That is crazy. Did the Mr. get okay? I have always heart cat bites could be extremely toxic. In fact, I was warned about it when I volunteered at the shelter, but I never knew of an incident like this.

    This cat, whose name is Cat, is mostly a lethal weapon hunting prey more or less its own size in Tennessee. Woe be to the mockingbird who thinks he’s being clever dive bombing Cat. He will not survive that foolishness.

    • Yes, my co-worker’s husband recovered, but when the doctor came to talk to her about her husband’s condition, she was told that if she had delayed another hour he may not have survived.

      I also had an excellent hunter, her name was Sissy, mockingbirds would dive bomb her, and she would sit there and act all scared, but the first miscalculation by the mocker was its undoing, and all I would find in the yard was pin feathers and one bird foot or maybe a beak, and of course Sissy sitting there with a devilish look on her face.

      • I think that’s cat modus operandi too.

        I love this picture. It’s like Cat is posing for the camera.

  3. You know, you two are just reaffirming why I have no soft spots for cats at all. Like AZ, I have my own cat story I would like to share… you never expected a pic of a lethal cat would spark the story teller in your readers!
    My garden is a bit of a hotspot for bunnies. I love to watch the generations (weekly hehe) of bunnies, growing and learning and I kind of feel proud that they do so in my garden. Anyway, one morning I saw a black panther… erm I mean cat and he/she was stalking the rabbit doorway (a missing brick hole) at the bottom of my shed. I chased the cat off. Now that is a scarey sight! Me, with my mad bed hair running down a garden path shouting “Shooooooo”.
    Once I was sure the cat had gone I went about my normal business. About ten minutes later I just saw the cat pounce, out of the corner of my eye and he tore my bunny to bits. I knew they killed them but to sit and eat it in my garden was a bit too ewwwwww for me. My husband wouldn’t let me go and scare the cat away because he didn’t want to have to move the bunny left-overs….
    so, Lethal Cat, alive (for the moment) and kicking in a back garden in the North East of England.

  4. Seems like Lethal Weapon cats are everywhere. All over the globe.

    My favorite all time cat was a black cat named Sammy. When I bought my first house in Tennessee he came with it. The previous owners just left him behind. The worst thing he ever did was skin a baby bunny alive. I was in the house and heard the bunny screaming from the yard. I ran outside. I remember asking Sammy, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I think his answer was “Just having a little fun.” The bunny was too far gone by the time I got there to save him. I gave Sammy time out in the house and I had to dispatch the little bunny and bury him.

    When I moved to Phoenix, I took Sammy with me. I had a good job and a fairly large house. I also had a cleaning service. They would come in once a week. I don’t know what went on between Sammy and the cleaning service. War, I supposed. the first time they closed him in my closet he was a tad bit angry. I put the service on notice. The second time was a disaster. He pulled up the carpet. He snatched my husband’s pants off the hanger and pooped on them. His hair was on end for an hour after I let him out. I had to dispatch the cleaning service. I didn’t get another one. Sammy didn’t like them. After that he tore the back off the sofa.

  5. worldphotos Says:

    Loved the stories. Now let me tell you what my lethal squirrels can do. You’ll have to visit to hear the latest (grin).

  6. HOORAY!!!! Bushy Jr. aka Coal survived. He is the cutest fellow.

  7. I’ll need to post a picture on the side where the list of visitors are. Coal it is.

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