Mourning Dove

AZ sent me this picture two weeks ago and I forgot to post it because I have no memory.

She writes, “We were at a friend’s house on Friday when this white Mourning Dove flew into her yard, she said she’s seen it before. I’ve never seen a Mourning Dove this color, it isn’t white, but a very very light cream color, her mate is next to her, he’s normal.

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was – this is a peace dove. The real McCoy.

8 Responses to “Mourning Dove”

  1. I don’t know if she is a peace dove, but in a community full of hawks she’s in grave danger of being a bird of prey’s lunch. She stood out like a beacon against the dirt and rock mulch, I hope she makes it, she’s quite the looker with her light colored feathers and pink feet.

  2. You know I read your comment and I titled the entry, “Morning Dove.” What is wrong with me? At least I fixed the title now.

    I do hope the beautiful bird makes it too. She is special. Southerners (recovering or current) always believe in sayings and signs. I’ll never outgrow it no matter where I live. I think the little bird is a sign – a peace dove bringing peace.

    • My mother also believed that birds were omens, when a crow would fly over a neighbor’s house and caw three times, she would say “someone is going to die,” she believed that crows could smell death before it happened. Unfortunately she was right on several occasions, we lost neighbors in accidents after the appearance of a crow. Scary…

      • Oh gosh don’t tell me that. My crow buddy is back. Now, I’ve come to believe it’s this one in particular. The neighbor last week noticed him. I’m trying to ignore him. I was out walking the dogs and we got in an extended conversation about forming a block watch. The crow was sitting in a close tree barking. That’s the only word I can think of for what he does when he want me to get moving. He likes to follow. She asked me, “What’s that?” I told her about the crow following me. Yesterday, I stopped to talk to her again about her chickens and he flew by and barked. She just laughed this time.

        I had already stopped and talk to the minister from the church on the corner who is going to France. The crow actually lit in the closest tree and was making enough noise so it disrupted our conversation. Of course he asked about the crow. But he made the mistake of staring at it in the tree when he found it. It is actually more a raven then a crow. The raven set up a holy ruckus after that. I have learned my raven buddy like to follow and talk to me, but he does not like to be looked at. I found myself tell the preacher, “Umm he doesn’t like to be looked at.”

  3. What a fantastic photograph… love the Dove and I must admit it looks like a proper peace Dove to me. :o)

  4. I agree

  5. The trick to the death omen is fly over the house, caw three times, and leave, no hanging around and barking at you. I don’t think your bird is a death omen, I think he thinks you’re a reincarnated lady crow, or maybe he is the reincarnation of a long lost pet, and he’s trying to tell you he knows you from a past life, whatever his problem he seems to have taken a liking to you, enjoy he’ll be gone soon enough! I hope. 🙂

    • That makes me feel better. He never caws three times and leaves. He is always around. He was waiting for me today when I came out of Yoga. He was at the garage on the corner. He was with a buddy. They were pacing around looking at the gravel and then me. Then they walked down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street for few yards as I walked home. It’s as if he was mimicking me.

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