Dani and Her Food Bag


11 Responses to “Dani and Her Food Bag”

  1. Yeah, she went to the store to buy food and all I got was this empty bag.

  2. LOL, so true. I noticed there were a few kernels left in the bag and that Dani was munching on them.

  3. This is so cute! Made me giggle.

    • Dani is a darling dog. I noticed in this video she seems a bit longer but not so long she doesn’t fit in a food bag.

  4. I just love the tenacity of animals, Dani isn’t gonna leave that bag alone until every morsel is gone! Did she get greasy crawling in and out of the bag?

    • I don’t know if she got greasy. I’ll have to ask her Mom. I like how she jumped on the bag and flattened it, like take that.

      • I used to buy Science Diet for my cats, maybe they put more oil in cat food because I remember that food leaving a grease slick in the automatic feeder.

    • I asked and Dani didn’t get a bit of grease on her. She’s a clean little thing.

    • This reply thing is weird. After so many indents, I can’t reply any more. I like it until it fails me. Maybe the cat food is oilier. I think some dogs are naturally neat and some not. My small dog wouldn’t soil a thing, the priss pot, where as the big dog has mud and hair falling off of her. And we had a white dog on the farm that I never saw clean. It was a pig pen.

  5. Oh, silly d… Squirrel! Oh silly dogs.

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