Whitey Jr.

My friend, who emailed me these pictures, writes “The second picture is Whitey scampering off my deck. He’s awfully brave. Fortunately Cat (as in Lethal Weapon Cat) was otherwise occupied. We still have at least 2 of them and this is the smaller one.

6 Responses to “Whitey Jr.”

  1. That’s a great looking squirrel.

  2. He is beautiful, albeit different.

  3. Oh he is a pretty squirrel. As I’ve said before the Florida squirrels are just pitiful looking.

    • I always laugh when you say that. I do remember how they look, like something is majorly wrong with them.

  4. Every time I see a picture of a squirrel tail it amazes me that under all that fluffy fur is a tail very much like a rat’s. Having said that, I have to admit a pure white squirrel is mighty purrrrty.

    • Yeah, they are like rats but I like rats, a lot. I like mice mostly unless they are snacking on some food they are not supposed to be. I think rodents are some of the funnier and smarter animals.

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