It’s Back.

Something came in the dog door again last night around 3am. The Big Dog, like a steam engine, built up speed scratching out on the hardwood floor until she eventually made contact, charging full bore through the house and out the dog door. The Little Dog was in tow, sounding the official alarm, the one that notifies us the Big Dog is on a mission.

Both dogs darted around the back yard while the sprinklers sprayed. They ran in and out of the bushes, searching and barking. Hubby was able to call the Big Dog inside, but the Little Dog refused. I had to demand she come in the house, and then she stopped to smell a horse reed bush that has no odor. That way, she has the last word, and it looks like coming inside was her idea.

I left the crime scene, the laundry room and the kitchen, as is until I could inspect it this morning. Here are the facts. The intruder does not mind water as he came straight through the running sprinklers to access our house. (Rules out most cats.) Everyone left paw prints on the kitchen floor. The intruder’s paws are smaller than the Big Dog’s but larger than the Little Dog’s. Judging from the amount of hair on the kitchen floor, the Big Dog must have tussled with the intruder in the kitchen. The intruder’s hair is mostly dark with some silver in it. I think we are dealing with a raccoon.

I know. Déjà vu. I believe I have I.D.ed a raccoon before. I am leaving the laundry room light on again to deter the critter from entering the house. Of course, if it has any memory at all the Big Dog, Little Dog, Big Guy and Little Woman running through a shoebox of a house after him might deter him from entering also. I am dubbing it, The Midnight Raccoon Scramble.

Brings to mind a time when I was 11 and one of the neighbor kids taunted my cousin. My cousin screamed at the kid, “I’ll get you Timmy Vogal.” I shake my fist at the raccoon now and yell warrior style, “I’ll get you Timmy Vogal.” Of course, history will probably repeat itself and the raccoon, like Timmy, will grow up to be a lawyer. Déjà vu all over again.


2 Responses to “It’s Back.”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    This is almost as funny as the frog. Damn, but life is exciting in Oakland.

  2. Something’s always going on here. I keep thinking we need to move but I’m addicted to the place like some sort of adrenaline junky.

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