Connie’s Frog

This was too funny to leave in the comments section. Connie writes, “Well honey I can assure you that if an alligator gets in my garage I will not be staying around long enough to snap a picture!!! Now back to the frog….it is the frog from hell to torment me. I first found him living in the toilet of my guest bathroom. I screamed for my husband to come rescue me … right! The husband has a thing about touching live or dead creatures. Anyway…since I was not about to reach into the toilet and grab that little sucker I called my sister in Tn. to see what to do! Let me back up a minute.. I tried to flush him down the toilet…it didn’t work! Husband said “I”m not touching it” and left for the ballpark. Ok so I’m home alone with this nasty thing in my toilet. My sister said “just reach in and grab it” NOT HAPPENING!!! The frog is huge…the size of the palm of my hand. He or she is the kind with the long legs and sticky fingers and those awful big eyes….gross! So I tried getting a broom into the toilet to loosen his grip on the side of the toilet and flush at the same time….then he just hung on to the bottom. I made this attempt several times. I simply could not rest til that thing was outta my house. On my last try to flush him I had him jumping around and then he disappeared. wa la…….he’s gone……..NOT.

When I closed the lid to the toilet there he sat on the tank of the toilet….more screaming. I ran and found the largest vase I could find and a paper plate. Ran back to the bathroom and put the vase over the frog and scooped him into the vase, covered the opening to the vase with the plate, ran outside and then it took forever to get him out of the vase!!! When he finally got out of the vase I gave him a good what for and told him to never I mean never come back in my house again. Well he’s back. I hate this frog. When we found him in the garage he had climbed up one of the rack handles. The brave (not) husband tried to move the rack and of course the frog from hell jumped behind the pool cover and has not been seen since and I’m not going looking for him either. But he’s still out there I’m sure…last seen Sat. night!

11 Responses to “Connie’s Frog”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    That is a funny story. Almost fell out of my chair from laughing so hard. This is like my wife with spiders. The loudest I’ve heard her scream was when she found a bat in the back room.

  2. The story is hilarious. I am hooting every time I read it.

    I remember that bat. You took a picture of it. It was an eery creature. I’d have screamed too if it was in my house.

  3. worldphotos Says:

    Frogs and Bats are okay. They eat spiders and such, but my wife doesn’t see it that way.

  4. I has a sick, woke up with a sore throat and dry cough, could it be swine flu, probably not, just a common cold. If you don’t hear from me it’s because I don’t do “sick” well.

    As for frogs, I got nothing against them, actually they are kind of cute, but I don’t think I’d pick one up, they are cool and slimy like slugs, I don’t like snails and slugs and their slime trails, they doesn’t fit into my neat and tidy ways.

    • I hope you are feeling better real soon AZ. No swine flu, though. I forbid it.

      • I don’t think it’s the flu, just a common code [snot, cough], I was running significant other to doctor’s appointments all day, I don’t think I’d be able to do that if I had swine flu, so I’m guessing it’s just a code [snot, cough].

  5. worldphotos Says:

    AZ, get well soon.

    • Thanks [cough, snot], I’m gonna get some sleep [cough, snot] and hope this only lasts a few days [cought, snot].

  6. Bless your heart. I hope you feel all better real soon. Take care.

  7. AZ, you sound awful. I hope you are feeling better soon. Does that saline nose spray (something like Ocean?) help at all. It’s a snot killer.

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