ascotBrad Pitt is starring in a new movie called Moneyball, scheduled for release in 2011. It’s the story of the Oakland A’s and their manager Billy Beane (Pitt). If he comes here to shoot, I hope he leaves that ascot at home for his own safety. Maybe the white jacket too. But then again, he’s probably not getting on the city bus. If he wants to look like Thurston Howell the third in his own limo, only his driver will notice. He better pray his limo doesn’t break down in West Oakland when he’s ascoting about.


10 Responses to “Moneyball”

  1. ooooh you might get to see him…. oh I wonder if George Clooney would go to visit him whilst he’s on location. ooooh I wonder if you could tip me the wink when you see him and I’ll be over in a jiffy!
    One track mind…. I think it’s my age!

  2. I’m an A’s fan, if Brad can help them win, he can wear the ascot.

    • I love the A’s. Did you hear they were thinking about moving to Fremont. What a disaster. I’m not sure I would stay here if the A’s leave. After all, it’s the OAKLAND A’s, not the Fremont A’s.

  3. Ascot [giggle, giggle], where I come from you wouldn’t be caught dead in an ascot [snigger, snort]. Hell if you asked some how to spell it, you would’ve have gotten “ass caught” [snort, giggle, chuckle]. I’m from mining country, we don’t do ass caughts [giggle, laugh, snort], hell we though Levi’s and a new T-shirt was dressing up!

  4. LOL! Ass caughts. Love it. I think I’ve seen some people wear them where I’m from. There is a hoity toity section of Nashville, but you know it’s only Nashville so it’s like an ass caught in Redneckville.

  5. Times are to hard for the A’s to move.

  6. I know but the ball team seems so disgusted with Oakland. Oakland is trying to declare bankruptcy, I think. Now, that I’m reading about it, it looks like the A’s will go anywhere, but here.

  7. Interesting article, but I still say the time is not right. The Raiders, who I also like, want out of there also.

  8. The latest rumor mill on the Raiders is Santa Clara. I am laughing on that one. Can you see the Raider Nation in Santa Clara? Nope. Cannot. Like you said the economy is bad, maybe so bad we get to hold on to the A’s and the Raiders. Oakland is where they belong.

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