Tagger City


5 Responses to “Tagger City”

  1. I guess they do this at night. How high up is that sign. Would they need something to stand on to spray it. It’s getting bad in some parts of Germany. The love to paint the sides of trains and places that can be seen from the autobahn..

  2. Surprisingly, the sign is not very high. You can’t stand on the sidewalk and reach it but the impish children could get on each other shoulders and tag it.

    So strange. I wonder what the attraction is to the autobahn. Maybe a bigger audience?

    There is a warehouse by the fruitvale station they constantly tag. It is quite unbelievable but I am unable to get a decent picture of it because the BART is roaring by and I am trying to hold on.

  3. You are right, it’s the audience they want. I guess it’s their fifteen minutes of fame.

  4. I Googled “tagger,” I’m amazed at what came up, a lawyer with a blog details a story about how a tagger was killed trying to exit the freeway, and You Tube had taggers filming themselves tagging in broad daylight, I guess I don’t understand the concept of tagging, I guess it’s a way to get your identity out there, like scrawling your name on a bathroom wall.

    • It’s so bad here the spray paint is locked up and you have to show ID to prove you are over 21 to get it. And it is odd what they will and will not tag. They do like to tag around the highways and old warehouses.

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