The checkbook is MIA. We need to pay the house note, the phone and electric bills. The Big Guy thinks I had it last. I think he had it last. We are both suspicious the Smart “Alec” Car may have it.

Checkbook, please come home. We are sorry. You can stay up late, playing video games and watching television. We won’t ask you who you are dating and where they live. I promise I won’t bend you back so far anymore that your plastic cover splits at the seams, and then I nervously pick at the tear when the pharmacist is talking to me about drug interactions.

(Just wait until I get my hands on you, Checkbook)

The stupid thing has been recovered. It was in a drawer (the hubby’s – not that I’m naming names or affixing blame) mating with another checkbook. Let’s hope they have a CD.


9 Responses to “Checkbook”

  1. worldphotos Says:

    Oh, I know the feeling. I quite writting checks. I do most of my paying on line. On ocassion I will send a Money Order. I hate checks.

  2. Is it an automatic thing or do you pay the bill like you normally would but use online. Here, they keep trying to force this automatic bill pay that I don’t like because the money’s not always there the same time each month.

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! I have a online bill paying horror story. My bestest girlfriend in the whole while world’s husband pays all their bills online, most of their bills are paid automatically, the company simply pulls the money out of their checking account when it becomes due. One day when he got home from work, he discovered that the water was turned off. He called the water company and was informed that the water had been turned off because he failed to pay three months’ worth of water bills. He explained to them that they must have forgotten to pay themselves automatically, they checked their records and they discovered that it was their error, and they deducted what was owed from my friends checking account. He asked when the water service would be turned on. The water company informed him that there would be a $75 charge to restore service. What? You forgot to pay yourself, and now you’re going to charge me to restore service that never should have been terminated! Yup! He told them he refused to pay, and he was informed that it didn’t matter to them, he could go elsewhere for water (they are the only company providing water service in our area). Needless to say my friend had to pay to restore service. That’s enough to keep me from ever using an online payment plan.

    • How infuriating. I know one thing. As cheap as I am I’d give them the $75 to restore service and then hound their ass until they gave it back. We did that with DSL when it failed. The company, who shall remain nameless here to avoid web crawlers, said they knew DSL didn’t work well in our area, but installed it anyway without telling us that fact. Then they tried to keep our $200 non-deposit. We got it back eventually.

  4. No, it not an automatice thing. If I use my credit card I transfer the money from the savings account to the credit card, both from the same Credit Union. I don\’t like automatice bill paying either.

    • I called the bank yesterday and talked to them all about it Steve. I was glad I called them. For someone who used to be in the computer industry, I found it a bit confusing, but they assured me the options I wanted weren’t automatic either. It is all much more convenient. I’m going to the branch and talk to them too. While I was on the phone with them, they pointed out some stuff about my accounts I needed to attend to, so I was really glad I called in.

  5. I screwed the spelling up on that one.

  6. That’s not the only horror story, the same water company discovered that they had been charging HOA’s and some other organizations the wrong rate for water for little over three years. By the time they discovered the error they were in the hole over $300,000.00. They wanted to charge the HOA’s for their mistake, but the HOA’s said they would have to parcel out the cost to all the homeowners. We got a letter stating that our share of the cost would be $1,500.00, but many of the homes had been bought and sold, and there was the problem of charging a new homeowners for water a previous owner used three years prior. The attorneys were foaming a the mouth anticipating all the attorneys’ fees to straighten out this mess, when the water company said “never mind, we’ll eat our losses.” Then they promptly raised everybody’s water rates trying to recoup their losses.

    • Where is this? These water guys are dopes as my dearly depart grandmother used to say. Loser dopes.

      You know when I lived in Tempe the water company in Snottsdale killed some old folk because of bad purification. DOes not pay to live in Snottsdale.

      Hey did you read in the paper there that the chief of police in Mesa is coming over here to be the Chief of Police for San Francisco. I was shocked. I don’t know how Gavin (SF’s mayor) could think that was a good idea. I mean Mesa is a tiny little town with mostly non-violent Mormons. Of course, the guy is originally from LA, but still. He better put his weirdo hat on and quick.

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