Play-Doh Pilates

playdohI’m taking a Pilates class, and to be frank, the exercises are making me shake like a leaf in a windstorm. The instructor keeps saying, “We’re working on our cores,” but I don’t think she realizes my core is Play-Doh.

I was thinking about that while we were doing some slo mo sit ups with the wooden bar on springs when my stomach growled. I had a flashback to my childhood, and remembered I ate Play-Doh. I also ate Vicks VapoRub and grammar school paste. When the second grade teacher would pass around the paste tub for our art projects, I would take an extra scope and put the blob on some construction paper like hors d’oeuvres. I distinctly remember the teacher watching me eat it too, like it was something she didn’t want to interfere with. I also ate my gum. Seemed like a waste to throw it out. Ditto on hangnails.


6 Responses to “Play-Doh Pilates”

  1. That paste and crayons tasted the best.

  2. I remember my Mom telling me my sister ate crayons, and I vaguely remember tasting just a dab of that white paste in first or second grade, but no Play-Doh or Vapo Rub for me. I had a Japanese Mom I was to busy eating sun dried anchovies, squid, seaweed, and raw eggs. I remember the first time I told a schoolmate that I ate raw eggs with soy sauce on hot rice, I might as well told him I age dog poo.

  3. I can imagine how the kid looked at you though now I think the raw eggs with soy sauce on hot rice sounds really delicious. I used to suck eggs at the hen house, still covered in chicken crap. They were the best without a doubt. Still warm.

    • Amazing how times change, back in the mid 50’s people never heard of miso soup, squid, sushi, anchovies, octopus, mochi, seaweed, and the delights of raw eggs. Now it’s all the rage. I remember my Mom searching for Japanese ingredients and finding none in our little mining town, we had to drive to Phoenix to find a Japanese grocery store.

      I had to laugh at your egg suckin’ ways, we had the same problem with my Little Dog, she constantly had egg yoke breath!

      • I can only imagine what your Mom had to go through and then I’m sure they’re weren’t a lot of choices in Phoenix. It’s mostly Hispanic. I love the seaweed salad. They carry it in most groceries now. YUMMY! I got away from the raw eggs when I left the farm. They just weren’t that good when they weren’t fresh out of the hen.

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