Squirrel Course

13 Responses to “Squirrel Course”

  1. That was super.

    • It was funny, wasn’t it? I like where they narrator says, “He manages the squirrels.” I really laughed at that. No one manages squirrels.

  2. I like this!

  3. Driver here are some frogs for you and AZ.


    • When you live in the middle of the desert you forget about ponds, and lily pads, and all things aquatic. Beautiful flowers and frogs, thanks Steve! 🙂

  4. And especially for Connie.

  5. HA! The frogs pictures are beautiful. They look like postcards. I like the baby in the last one.

  6. I like the tail flicking part best, Steve always talks about the Squirrels doin’ the tail flick over territory, but it was fun seeing it in action. I wish we had Squirrels around, all I have is lizards doing their pushups.

    • Oh boy I laughed at that. I remember those lizards and their push ups. The damn fire ants were always after me too when I lived there.

  7. Hey, I like lizards also. We have some here, but hard to spot them unless you walk out into the tick infested woods. No thanks.

  8. You can get it here, but not sure how many people do.

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