Daffy memed me. Yikes! I’m supposed to list 5 obsessions and 5 hates, and then assign the meme to 5 people. I’m not good at the assignment part so anyone who wants to pick up the meme and run with it, feel welcome. Those of you who don’t have a blog, can use the comments section on this blog entry.

5 Obsessions

  1. My peeps. These folks (and animals) play in my brain all the time, if not in the foreground, then the background. They are my ground and my comfort. Some are dead.
  2. My hair. This is a long running obsession full of wishful thinking. In the end, I cut it short and spend no more than 5 minutes a day on it.
  3. Ice Cream. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about ice cream. Flavors. Toppings. The best. The worst. Gelato. Why this ice cream shop is open and that one closed. Why I don’t like sorbet. Home made vanilla. Goat ice cream. Can I have a goat in Oakland? Can I have a chicken?
  4. My computer. Ze MAC. Please hold out a little longer.
  5. Writing. I mostly write in my head and then promptly forget to put it to paper. Useless.

5 Hates

  1. I hate the neurosurgeon that botched my brain surgery. I hate he is still practicing. I hate he is head of the department at the hospital. Perhaps a meteorite or re-entering space trash will land on him, burning him to a crisp.
  2. I can’t stand people who think they’re better than other people. Take a clue. You’re not.
  3. I hate people who think they need to control/correct me. Really you don’t. I promise. I’m over 50. Too old for your shit.
  4. Animal cruelty.
  5. I hate my health. I suppose it could have been worse, but by worse I guess that means dead.

24 Responses to “Meme”

  1. Thanks for playing along! You are a good sport!
    I love your ice cream obsession! hehe Obsession might be a mild diagnosis for that one! I love Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough but now I have to stick to the gluten free diet I can’t have it anymore and it breaks my heart!
    I’m with you on the animal cruelty. In the region where I live we have no RSPCA centre and they have always had to depend on kindness of fosterers and private kennels which can be expensive. So they have now found the perfect spot and we are all trying to help generate money for the build! I’m pleased we are finally going to get somewhere and I can see my daughter being at the head of the line for voluntary work!
    Sorry to hear about your brain surgery. My mum had a brain haemorrhage in 1990 and I remember her surgery not going so well. Young doctors, over-worked and trying new drugs…. Thankully she did have another 13 years of life and she got to meet her two grandchildren so we have alot to be thankful too.
    Number 3 on your hates is good too! Stright-talking. You sound like me in many ways.

  2. worldphotos Says:

    If I was a Meme person, but I’m not. Honesty is always good.

    • I knew you are not a meme person and generally I am not either. Somehow your comment sneaked in between Daffy’s and my reply. Ditto on the honesty. I can’t stand pretense.

  3. Fortunately I live in Oakland, Daffy and we have a really good shelter here, which I did volunteer at for a long while.
    They are extremely progressive with care and aggressive with animal abuse. They have a bunny run too. They sometimes get in goats, which is hard to imagine in Oakland. The cases of animal abuse were too much. I could not even imagine the sick minds out there that did that, and I came to the conclusion they were sick, extremely.

    I’m not sure I would classify my neurosurgeon as young or overworked. I was forced into his office by my HMO. He was middle aged and knew better. It was mostly what he did after the surgery that was appalling. In my opinion, he knew he had botched up. I had to go outside the HMO to UCSF to get answers. It has been a hard row to hoe.

  4. I tried real hard to come up with five obsessions and five hates, I sat back and read what I’d typed, and realized I sounded nuts. No sense letting the entire Interweb know I’m nuts, so I erased it!

    • I imagine yours was not worse than what I typed the first and second times. It looks crazy when you type it. I know. I went back and edited mine severely, toned it down for the general audience, keeping my inner nut to myself.

  5. AZ….we’re all a little nuts. You are among friends. ;o) hehe

  6. Yup, Yup, a second time.

  7. I’m gonna think about this when I return to reality!

  8. Uh oh. Sounds like you’re not in reality.

  9. Nope the hubby took me to spend my birthday weekend in paradise aka Key West. Now back to reality….air conditioning unit not working! I’m working on my lists of likes and dislikes…….no air conditioning is the top of dislikes right now!

    1. My OCD, I recently heard someone describe the reason for his OCD as “he felt so inadequate and undeserving as a child, that he though perfection would make him more lovable.” That rings a bell, and here I though I was just neat!

    2. Food, I loves me some well prepared grub! It doesn’t have to be fancy food, just well prepared and tasty.

    3. I’ve got a phobia about germs. I don’t wash my hands every 30 seconds, but I do wash my hands when I arrive home from shopping, before I prepare food, when I’m cutting up and preparing chicken, when I touch or play with other people’s pets that smell funky, and I hate the fact that significant other’s poker buddies don’t wash their hands when they use the bathroom and then they eat out of communal snack bowls.

    4. I don’t know if this rates as an obsession, but I never wear shorts, flip flops, or leave the house without my hair done and my makeup on, my mother had very specific rules about how one should appear and dress when out in public, and I still abide by her rules.

    5. I hate riding in a dirty vehicle. When I was young I’d come up with killer headaches when a date would pick me up and his vehicle was a mess. I say your vehicle is a reflection of you, no pride in your ride, no pride in yourself. Now I don’t care if you drive a 30 year old vehicle, but it has to be a clean 30 year old vehicle.

    1. I hate rude people at the grocery store. Ran into one today, she parked her cart in front of the refrigerated cake display, she held onto it and fully extended her arm, then her brother/husband stood about a foot and a half to the right of her with his arms akimbo, thereby totally blocking the entire cake display area. How rude!

    2. I hate the fact that I‘ve had a continuous line of so called devoutly religious people who have felt it necessary to tell me, in great detail, and at length, what exactly is the matter with me.

    3. I hate the fact that my father never loved me, and if he did, why did he beat me all the time.

    4. I hated that my first husband was an alcoholic, because he could have been such a great guy if he could have just stopped drinking.

    5. I hate the fact that my entire life I’ve was the dirty Jap or the dirty Mexican, and now the very same kids that called me those names don’t understand why I won’t attend a high school reunion.

    • Thanks for doing the meme too. AND you don’t sound like a nut case at all.

    • OMG, AZ. I read these and I thought we ARE the same person. WOW!

      3) The hand wash thing – my hands are half raw by the end of the day. And after I got cancer I went into total freak out mode. Some day, I’m going to wash the hide off my hands.

      4) I was always brought up too, you look decent when you go out the door. I go with makeup and bathed. None of this half assed stinky flip flopped dirty feet mess.

      and on the hates…
      1) Rude people annoy me so much so I will give it back to them.

      3) The old man never told me he loved me. All I can think was he was a whack job. What kind of person beats kids? A whack job.

      4) My first was an alchie too.. Weird. Except the difference here is even if he had stopped drinking he still would have been a bad guy.

      5) I just got a notice from my high school that my 35th reunion was coming up. I forwarded it to my brother. He’s going to whop up on those folks for contacting me.

  11. Hello there again… Can I just comment on AZ’s meme. :o)
    I never wear makeup, never get my hair done properly other than once in a while and I wish I was the other way… I’d love to buy myself a bunch of pretty lipsticks and eyeshadows but I just don’t have the time or the confidence to apply and wear it. (Plus I worry about sticking stuff in my eye)
    The happiest day of my life was the day my brother left home because I knew I wouldn’t get a good-hiding anymore. It’s hard to live with someone who is supposed to love and protect you and yet they don’t.
    Agree with Driver, you don’t sound like a nut job… well no more than the rest of did anyway. (i got a lot of guilt for daring to mention people ignoring comments! hehe)

    • Well, ummm, if you hadn’t mentioned about people ignoring the comments, I wouldn’t have done the meme. I thought I better hut to. In all honesty, I don’t see things lots of times. Like right now I have my comments notifying me via email because I miss them if I don’t.

      And Daffy I know what you mean about the makeup. I’ down to powder and mascara. I have some lipsticks but I forget to wear them. I should too.

  12. Hi Daffy! The makeup thing is a crutch for me, I do the concealer (under eye and blemishes), foundation (switched to mineral foundation recently), powder, rouge, three shades of eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, curl the ol’ lashes, perfume, and I do my hair (I went to beauty school right out of high school, but never got my license). I can’t stop, I can’t just run to the store “unprepared.” I think it’s an other of my obsessions. Since the day I first wore makeup, I don’t think I’ve left the house without being totally put together, hell I used to take makeup when I went camping. So having said that, I wish I could do a little powder and mascara, but I can’t. I’m hoping as I age I’ll tone it down, but I’m 60 already, and the only thing I’ve stopped using is false eyelashes, but I’m considering starting up again just so I don’t have to do the mascara thing. Jeebus help me age gracefully!!!

    • AZ, I switched to mineral foundation too. That’s what I meant by powder. I loved that stuff. Then Maybelline came out with a knock off brand and I decided to try it because it was so much cheaper and the brush came with it. I actually like the Maybelline brand better. It’s amazing how it out performs everything else and looks so much more natural. Plus, it is the only foundation that doesn’t make my face break out.

      The kids at the hospital gift shop convinced me I needed to get some false eyelashes. They tutored me and gave me all the brand names. I rather agree with them too. I would look better but it was a disaster. I couldn’t get them on. Ditto with the eyeliner. I looked like a 4 year old that had gotten in the magic markers. If there was a make up class around here, I would go. I need it.

  13. I’m in love with mineral foundation, I use Revlon, but I’m open to change maybe I’ll try Maybelline, my problem is finding a color that matches my complexion, most makeup has a pink base to it and I have an olive complexion. As for false lashes, it takes practice to get them on right, and my tip for eyeliner is don’t try to draw a line, I use Revlon Colorstay and I just dot it on very close to my lash line instead of drawing a solid line, much easier to apply dots to get an even application. If you want makeup tips I watch Laura [Sp?] Luke (search “panacea81”) on You Tube, she does a great job of teaching how to apply eye makeup, but many of the looks she are very dramatic, but I watch and take what I can use.

  14. I didn’t know Revlon made a mineral foundation. I’ll have to look for it. I thought you were using that really expensive one called Minerales or something. I started with them but the cost broke me.

    And I can’t do that pink base either. I have a white/yellow complexion. I know. Sounds gross, but when I put the pink base on it I look like a stop light on a pole. I have to find something muted – no pink.

    I’m going to try the dot technique and watch the YouTubes. I do watch the makeup ones some but then I forget what I’m doing and start watching animals.

  15. I think the one you mean is Bare Minerals, they started the mineral makeup thing, my bestest girl friend in the whole wide world swears by it, but it’s cost prohibitive for me. I’ve never tired it, but when compare the coverage my bestest girl friend in the whole wide world gets and the look I get, I can’t see a whole lot of difference. Revlon costs a bit over $15, but I usually get it on sale with a coupon for about $5.

    I had to laugh about YouTube, I do the same thing, I start watching one thing and before you know it I’m watching animals and an hour has gone by, too funny!

  16. Yeah, that’s the one, AZ. Bare Minerals. I tried it upon the recommendation of a dermatologist. I really liked it too but it’s cost prohibitive and it clumps oddly. You have to have this technique for putting it on. I found the Maybelline one and tried it. I didn’t know Revlon made one. I get the Maybelline for about $11 or so. It is called Mineral Power. It’s really hard to find because they sell out. I think I may give the Revlon a try if I can find it.

    I watched some of those makeup videos but she’s already too far beyond my skill set. I need some class or something. Seriously.

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