Ain’t Misbehavin’

Today, I go see my epilepsy doc. I’m not looking forward to it for a few reasons. First off, his buddy, my migraine neurologist quit and took off for Nevada. How does that happen? The head of the headache department mounts his broom and flies into the sunset with his hair on fire. So, I wrote the epilepsy doc an email.

Dear Ep Doc,
Your buddy quit. Now what?
Sincerely, Driver (as in Driver of the nut wagon)

I didn’t hear back from the epilepsy doctor.

Of course, the other reason I don’t want to see him is I had a hissy fit in his waiting room. I was trying to remember what that was all about. I think it was when he told me the brain tumor was regrowing, and he wasn’t giving me a copy of the MRIs. I think. I can’t really remember. All I remember is it was bad, and I got moved onto his shit list, the one where his administrative assistant talks to you, but he won’t.

I figure there are a few routes I can go today. I can show up and pretend like nothing happened. I can show up and quiz him about his buddy who’s MIA. I can show up wearing bizarre garb and give him something to write about in my chart. Or I can do a multi-part combo of the above – a little denial, a little MIA talk with my cammo flip flops on my feet.

One thing is fer sure, I need to show up on time. In fact, I want to show up a little early. They have a store at the hospital and sell computers at the educational discount. I’m going to look at the Dell mini and covet it. Then I’m going to covet the full sized plastic human skeleton for sale in their medical supplies section.

Yesterday, before my Pilates class started, I noticed that place had a plastic skeleton too but it’s petite sized. I was looking at it when the Pilates instructor asked what I thought.

I was honest. “I think it needs a name,” I said.

“What do you suggest?” she asked.

The other students were giving me the stare down when I said, “Josh,” but after I got home I wished I had said, “Randall,” “Runt,” or “Henry.”


18 Responses to “Ain’t Misbehavin’”

  1. Good luck with the visit. Play it cool. Always the best way until they start tossing a little shit your way. Docs think a little different than average folks. Not saying you are average, you know what I mean. You said the migraine neurologist quit. Wow it has to make you wonder when these guys run off to the highest bidder. I know they put in a lot of time and money to get where they are, and they probably want a good return, but Nevada. I like Vegas but don’t think there is a better job there than in the Bay Area. Warmer perhaps, but also hot as hell.

  2. I think you’re right. I’m going to be cool as a cucumber, and pretend the hissy fit belonged to someone else.

    It is kind of weird the headache guy went to Nevada. I think he’s originally from there, but still. Who knows? It is another mystery. One time this hospital referred me to one of their doctors who went home to Saudi Arabia and never returned. I waited 9 months on that appointment.

    Well, I’m off. I gotta bus and BART and Muni and do some sort of mediation to remain calm. NO HISSY FITS. No. None. I’m cool. Sort of.

  3. Good Luck from over here too! Please wear the flip flops… or be like my dad, try an offensive t-shirt. One of the ones I like, and there isn’t many,is a picture of an owl on a branch with a word bubble that says “Bugger Off”
    Then underneath is the heading… Irritable Owl Syndrome… hehe

    • I did wear my camo flip flops only because it was 90 degrees here. Big mistake. It was 60 or below in San Francisco.

      Anyway, the doc was real nice. I played it cool. Actually things are going a lot better. The headache neurosurgeon that took off for Nevada cleared up my migraines and the new meds are working good on the epilepsy. So, I’m off the hook for a couple of months. For some reason, I have to contact him back in a couple of months. I’m on that short leash. Oh well…

  4. Why did you want to give the skeleton a boy’s name? I’m leaning toward Ida Remains or Ima Carcass.

  5. Darn! You’ve already had your appointment, but I was going to suggest the MIA talk. Except, be sure to talk like M.I.A.. Daffy knows who I’m talking about.

    • Oh boy. If I said “like” and “you know” as much as MIA does, my doc would change my meds and order an MRI immediately.

      Actually, we did talk about the headache doc that went MIA. I guess he had some family problems. He’s been the only one that could stop my migraines.

  6. Driver, off subject here but I could I leave a message for Rene?
    I’ll presume you nodded you head and said go ahead! ;o)
    Rene, have you changed your comments on your blog? The reason I ask is because I can’t comment on that set up. Only from home…. I can from work. I’m not sure why but from here it just won’t recognise a comment and tells me it’s ‘done’ but has actually done nothing.
    I’ll leave my comment here…. incase you want to copy and paste it or something… ;o)
    Yeah, I like those pics too, they are like those little choir boys off the Christmas cards! Well after one day and you have new friends…. it won’t belong before you have a Farthing Wood mark II outside your home.
    Driver thanks so much and sorry for being a darn nuisance.

  7. I’m glad you said that, Daffy. I thought it was just me. The comments on Rene’s won’t let me leave a wordpress comment. I have to leave it as “other” and put my name and URL in. I thought it was something I was doing but I see now perhaps it is something on Blogspot not working correctly.

  8. worldphotos Says:

    Ditto on the comments. I’m having problems and it’s is really hard to leave a comment with her.

  9. It’s definitely blogspot set up as there are two other blogs I used to visit with the same comment box and I just can’t do it from here although I can do it from work, I just don’t like to. ;o)
    I wonder if there is the option to change it… ah well at least if we are all in the smae boat we can’t all be twits! hehe (If we are all in the same boat I take it Steve will be rowing… I can’t with my bad leg… and Driver has flip flops on!)

  10. OMG, you guys are hilariously sweet!

    Thanks for pointing out the problem. I did make a change to my comments because I wanted them to show on the page of the post, but I’ve changed it back now. Could someone do a test to see if it’s working for them?

    Thanks, and sorry for hijacking this, Driver.

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