Heat Wave

Summer is back. Yesterday, the temperature shot up to 96 degrees. Today, it’s going to be worse. There’s not a cloud in the sky and at 11:15am, it’s already 89 outside and 80 degrees inside the house. Both dogs are passed out on the bed, though I did catch the big one outside on the patio in the full sun, asleep for about a half hour.

One thing about the heat – the neighborhood gets quiet, really quiet. I suspect either everyone is hiding in their houses, or they packed up and left for the beach. Mike, my neighbor across the street, who always sets off his car alarm accidentally in the morning, didn’t even get it going today. The heat is sucking the sound out of the air, or so it seems.

As for me, I was going to Yoga this morning but 1) I went yesterday and 2) today’s instructor likes to turn the heater on when I’m already sweating. I just couldn’t take it. I stayed in bed with the fan on high. Now, I’m thinking about jogging with the operative word being “thinking.” I’ll probably go lie on the bed with the dogs. The heat wave ends tomorrow, supposedly, and life, as I know it, returns to normal.


12 Responses to “Heat Wave”

  1. I’ll probably go lie on the bed with the dogs. That got me laughing real good. That heat would be a killer here. We have more rain than normal and the weather has been cool, but I don’t need that heat. Stay cool until it cools down.

  2. yeah, I passed out on the bed with the dogs. The heat is knocking me out. I noticed you all had been having a lot of rain this year. There’s been a lot of wet squirrel backs.

  3. Too much, but yesterday afternoon and this morning, it’s dry.

  4. I’m glad. We’re cooling off today too. Thankfully.

  5. We is hot too. We’ve been keeping the AC set at 80° F, because we can’t afford to run it any lower, but it does eliminate the humidity in the house, so 80° dry is better than 80° humid. We also have ceiling fans in every room and strategically placed floor fans. You’d think I’d be accustomed to the heat my now since I was born and raised in Arizona, but I’m not! 😯

    • I live in AZ for 10 years and nothing, I repeat – nothing can make you used to that heat. One time I ran the swamp cooler so much I grew mold on the intake vent beneath it. I took to living in my pool at the end, like a chlorinated fish. then I moved.

  6. Yesterday wasn’t as bad as Saturday though. Saturday was really hot, even at the coast! I did go for a bike ride yesterday along the shoreline and noticed a whole lot of people on the beach.

    • Rene – did you get a place near the beach? That would be my goal if I could get out of Oakland. Thankfully it is cooler now, normal in fact. I think I’ll survive.

      • I’m in Alameda, so I’m near the water all the time, which is great on hot days, not so great on cold days.

      • Alameda’s great. We looked there but couldn’t afford it. We wander over there quite a bit though. Our bike shop is there.

  7. It’s so strange that we’re so close to eachother. I happened upon your blog via Steve’s (worldphotos) blog. Steve lives in Bavaria but used to live in the San Francisco Area, and here you are just in Oakland. What a small world.

    • I thought it was funny too – the big blog ricochet. Steve used to live in Oakland too, which is funny too. He has some great stories of what he did when he was growing up here. I love Alameda. I always wanted to live on one of those house boat things on the water. Plus it is the only place I have ever seen a Der Weindersnitchel. I am misspelling that so badly.

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