Writing Class

This is the piece the class liked the best today…

90°. 180°. 360°. I think about angles a lot. Too much. I turn my right foot out at 45°, then 60°. I look at it. I look up, 180° from the ground to the sky. A seagull flies overhead, carrying a dead rat. I search the internet. Someone else has see that too. Like me, they think it’s an omen.

My feet are perpendicular to my legs. 90°. I email my best friend, “I saw a seagull carrying a dead rat.”

She emails back, “Was he carrying the rat in his feet?”

Seagulls’ feet are 65° angles, full of webbing. I email my friend, “He was carrying the carcass in his beak.”

She emails me, “Gross.”

I don’t feel comfortable sitting in my desk chair. I spin my chair 360°. It doesn’t help. Nothing helps.

I go outside and gaze 35° up from the ground at the sun. I want to be the seagull, but maybe I’m the rat. I stare at the sun too long. I think about Pythagorean’s Theorem. I think about my math teacher, Mr. Flatt. I think about detention and slamming Angie’s blond head on the lunchroom’s green Formica tabletop. I think about nuclear fission in Texas while the sun sets.

I go inside and microwave a Lean Cuisine for 3 minutes and 10 seconds. The plate in the microwave turns by itself, 360°. I smile.


3 Responses to “Writing Class”

  1. I dug out my protractor and checked all the angles mentioned, then I Googled Pythagorean theorem and perused all that Wikipedia had to say, and didn’t understand a single thing I read, and after all that the only intelligent queries I could come up with was what was in that Lean Cuisine you nuked and was it tasty? I’ve never been the sharpest pencil in the drawer 😉 !

  2. The piece was actually first person fiction, AZ. Some of the info I drew from real like but I don’t like Lean Cuisine and won’t eat it, but it seems to he one of the more recognizable diet frozen dinners.

    Fiction or not, I guess I am a tiny bit math obsessed.

  3. worldphotos Says:

    It adds up for me.

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